Race to Zero

The story of a global film and camera rental company determined to reach net zero by 2030

This month marks the fourth anniversary of the Race to Zero campaign, a global campaign to accelerate climate action across diverse sectors. VMI, a leading film and camera rental company, has been part of this journey, setting ambitious net zero targets. Over the past four years, the company has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2030, eliminating single-use plastics, and becoming a net exporter of renewable power. This timeline highlights VMI’s milestones and ongoing efforts in its sustainability journey.

Youth & Civil Society

Sophie Howe: The world’s first Future Generations Commissioner

With a remit set out in law to be “the guardian of the interests of future generations in Wales”, Sophie Howe is the world’s only Future Generations Commissioner. At COP26 she discusses how her interventions have secured fundamental changes to land use planning policy, major transport schemes and Government policy on housing – ensuring that decisions taken today are fit for the future.

Youth & Civil Society

Here’s why COP26 concerns all of us

As we get closer to the pivotal climate conference in Glasgow, COP26, political activity and media coverage increases, but this huge, global, political event can feel far removed from our daily lives. The Giki Guide COP26 explains how we can all get involved.