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If you're interested in contributing content to the Climate Champions' website, read on... By Climate Champions | October 11, 2022

The Climate Champions’ website is the online home of the Race to Zero, Race to Resilience and Breakthroughs campaigns.

As well as providing a home for the campaigns, its purpose is to help bring to life the transformative and inspiring systemic changes underway – and required – to build us a fair, zero carbon and resilient world.

What we’re looking for:

Compelling, original, balanced, insightful and actionable content

Stories that:

  • Help raise ambition and spur healthy competition among stakeholders
  • Showcase work that’s paving the way towards a fairer, healthier and safer world
  • Are solutions, not fears, focused but do not gloss over reality. Stories must confront the difficulties faced, the barriers and opposition, the realities and opportunities
  • Are optimistic, neutral, non-political, jargon free and science-driven
  • Suitable for a web audience with hyperlinks and references and backed up with specific examples and analysis

We welcome all forms of content, from short news articles and deep dive features, to videos and infographics.

To note: The website is not a place to publish press releases, internal announcements, complex reports that haven’t been filtered for an online editorial audience, or greenwashing of any kind. All contributions are voluntary.

The word count for a standard article should be 600-1000 words, but we’re open to ideas for shorter or longer content. Please note the Climate Champions site uses the US spelling of English.

Article examples:

Some questions to ask before submitting a pitch

  • Would this article be of interest to someone who is not an expert?
  • Would you share this article with your friend/partner/family?
  • Is the story compelling/surprising/informative?
  • Why does this piece need to be written right now?
  • Has this topic been covered before? If so, how can we cover it in a different way?
  • Do you have anything that could help bring this story to life? I.e videos, images, infographics?

Pitch your idea in no more than 100 words to



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