Registration opens for Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week

LACCW 2022 will be held from July 18-22 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and will engage and empower stakeholders to drive climate action across countries, communities and economies. By Climate Champions | July 13, 2022

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Last year, regional collaboration emerged as a driver of global progress. The Glasgow Climate Pact agreed at COP26 recognizes Regional Climate Weeks (RCW) as a platform for governments and stakeholders to strengthen credible and durable responses to climate change.

The UN Climate Change High-Level Champions view these weeks as unique opportunities to strengthen their inclusive approach and deliver on one of the key priorities of the work programme for the improved Marrakesh Partnership: Regionalization.

The upcoming RCW for Latin America and the Caribbean will take place in Santo Domingo from July 18-22 hosted by the Ministry of Environment and the Climate Change Council of the Dominican Republic. This event is led by UNFCCC in close collaboration with global partners (UNEP, WB and UNDP) and regional partners, such as UN-ECLAC.

In order to maximize the impact of the event, three main thematic tracks have been identified that will be used as framework for both Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week and Africa Climate Week in 2022:

Striving for 1.5 degrees 

This track focuses on the importance of systemic approach to strengthening national actions and economy-wide approaches with potential to raise ambition and accelerate implementation in climate change mitigation towards 1.5C pathways. This track will explore identification and development of policies and the role of data and information for ambitious action in selected key sectors. It will also simultaneously explore how these actions can be better integrated into national planning through policies and strategies for implementation and engaging the non-State actors (especially the private sector) as well as identification and addressing the socio-economic, environmental impacts of the planned policy actions.

Towards transformative Adaptation and Long-term Resilience

The objective for track 2 is to provide a space to discuss and showcase how a transformative vision can help address the root causes of vulnerability and provide long-term benefits, helping societies achieve long-term resilience. Events under track 2 will represent an opportunity for stakeholders in the LACC region to engage in forward-looking conversations and be inspired to take action towards transformative and long-term resilience at regional, national and local levels.

Seizing Transformational Opportunities

The objective of this track is to help decision-makers from politics, business and civil society exploring innovation and investing in breakthroughs to visualize solutions and collaborate on current pressing priority topics, systems, issues and challenges of the climate agenda in LAC.

HLC events

The UN Climate Change High-Level Champions are convening several events during the week, covering the themes of finance, resilience, human settlements and oceans.

Moderated by the High-Level Champions (HLCs) and aligned with the Regional Climate Week’s “Means of Implementation” track, the event: The transition to a Net Zero and Climate Resilient Economy – Accelerating Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean aims to showcase different solutions and collaborative efforts in the finance agenda in the region. The event invites key stakeholders representing regional and global financial institutions from the private and public sectors to an open dialogue discussing the urgency of enabling financial flows on climate mitigation and adaptation in the region and the need to show immediate implementation of the NDC’s.

A second event: Attaining a resilient world will focus on the role of businesses in increasing resilience and the way it has shifted from a philanthropic to an investable perspective. It will discuss the main hazards to which businesses and communities in the region are exposed to and the solutions they have created collectively to address them.

A Marrakech Partnership Regionalization workshop will also be held to open up dialogue between key stakeholders in the thematic areas of the Partnership. The workshop, among other things, will provide an opportunity for the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions to create a space for an open discussion on how to raise ambition in the region within the framework of the MP and in view of the future strategy.

Lastly, the HLC’s will host the Marrakech Partnership Implementation Labs, on the theme of Resilience of Human Settlements and Marine Ecosystems in Coastal Zones. The aim of the Labs is to have an open and solutions-oriented exchange between national government representatives and non-Party stakeholders in the region whose expertise can support countries in implementing their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), National Adaptation Plan​s (NAPs) and long-term strategies (LTSs).

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