H.E Razan Al Mubarak: Comprehensive climate action is an all-of-society mandate

By Climate Champions | May 30, 2023

With just five months remaining until COP28, H.E. Razan Al Mubarak, the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion from the COP28 Presidency, emphasized the importance of promoting collective climate action during an event held in Dubai on Monday.

The event, titled “Road to COP28: Driving Collective Action in the UAE,” was hosted by the High-Level Champions and the Dubai Chamber, with support from the COP28 Presidency. It brought together various stakeholders to mobilize efforts towards inclusive climate progress, focusing on climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience, as well as finance.

“Facing an increasingly precarious future due to climate change and nature loss, it is the role of the High-Level Champions to underscore, on a global level, that comprehensive climate action is an all-of-society mandate. As hosts of COP28, the UAE has a unique opportunity to unite our community in pursuing a net zero, climate-resilient, and nature-positive future,” she said.

The High-Level Champions are working closely with regional leaders to drive ambitious climate action, particularly in areas where it is needed most, and where adaptation to the impacts of climate change, such as droughts, floods, rising sea levels, and extreme heat are becoming more prevalent.

At the event, the High-Level Champions highlighted the importance of climate action including in hard-to-abate sectors such as the built environment, particularly relevant for rapidly developing countries like the UAE.

Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President & CEO of Dubai Chambers, stated: “We recognize the crucial role businesses play in combating climate change, and remain committed to supporting local companies in achieving their environmental and climate goals. Our focus is on promoting sustainable business practices, encouraging green innovation, and advancing the development of a competitive, low-carbon economy. Through our activities, we will continue to support the drive to establish Dubai as a leading example of a net zero, climate-resilient business community that is contributing to a better tomorrow.”

The event demonstrated how many local organizations are adopting innovative and ambitious solutions to reduce carbon footprints and showcase a strong commitment to sustainability as well as climate resilience. More and more industries, the event showed, are reimagining operations, investing in renewable energy, and adopting sustainable practices, all the while highlighting the economic opportunities that a green transition can yield.

In the opening session, H.E. Ms. Al Mubarak introduced the Race to Zero and the Race to Resilience and showcased the 2030 Breakthroughs and available projects as part of the COP27 Presidency backed Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda.

The event served as a platform for local businesses to understand how they can lead by example, particularly by committing finance, expertise, and resources to mitigation and adaptation projects.



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