Introducing the Climate Champions’ Youth Fellows for 2023

By Climate Champions | June 27, 2023

Young people and future generations are environmental stewards of the future. The Climate Champions Team, in support of the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, are committed to strengthening youth agency in climate action. Elevating and empowering youth voices will help drive systemic change and the Climate Champions are committed to continuing to integrate this vital stakeholder group into the heart of our work.

The programme creates a pathway for young professionals to work within the team supporting the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions for COP27 and COP28 – Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin and H.E Razan Al Mubarak – to drive real-world momentum into the UN Climate Change negotiations.

As part of the Youth Fellowship programme, the fellows will help mobilize climate action amongst non-state actors to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, in close collaboration with the UNFCCC, the Marrakech Partnership and the COP Presidencies.

Meet the Youth Fellows of 2023!

Karishma Ansaram, Finance Youth Fellow

Karishma holds an MSc in Carbon Finance from the University of Edinburgh and is currently completing her PhD on Climate Finance and Carbon Pricing  at the IESEG School of Management, France, with a particular focus on carbon markets around the world.

Karishma has been a research fellow on NDC Financing in African Countries with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and the African Research Impact Network (ARIN).

She coordinated the Finance & Market Working Group at YOUNGO (the official youth constituency of UNFCCC) in 2021-2022. She has been involved in climate and youth-led actions in diverse aspects, notably, grassroots projects in Mauritius, attending SB58 in Germany, Africa Climate Week 2022 in Gabon, Pre COP-26 in Milan, COP26 in Glasgow, UK and COP27 in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt, drafting policy papers and more.








Sarah Darcie, Policy & Engagement Youth Fellow

Sarah is a socio-environmental activist from Brazil, driven by the purpose of increasing civil society participation in climate policy decision-making processes.

She has more than five years of experience in the third sector and currently works as the Policy and Research Officer at the Youth Climate Council Brazil and as the Advocacy Advisor at Clima de Eleição, an NGO focused on climate advocacy.

She has a postgraduate degree in Strategic Sustainability Management from FIA Business School, a degree in International Relations from PUC-SP and a specialization in Advocacy and Public Policy from FGV-SP.

In 2021, she participated in the largest sustainability leadership program in the world, the United People Global. She is part of networks such as Climate Reality Leaders, CAJU (Clima de Advocacy para Juventudes) and YOUNGO, where she co-organized LCOY Brazil 2022 and is currently organizing LCOY Brazil 2023.







Chae Young Hyun, Energy Policy Youth Fellow

Chaeyoung Hyun, an Energy Policy Youth Fellow at Climate Champions, from South Korea and having grown up in Bangkok, Thailand, and currently residing in Tokyo, Japan.

Chaeyoung is currently pursuing her studies at Waseda University. Her passion lies in creating an equal and sustainable environment, ensuring no one is left behind.

She has been actively engaged in youth representation and advocacy through various accomplishments. Previous to the fellowship, she experienced in climate and energy policy as a Diplomacy Associate at Solution for Our Climate, a growing climate NGO in South Korea.

As a representative of the Korea Youth Platform on SDGs, Chaeyoung had the opportunity to advocate for youth perspectives at the UNESCAP and the 2020 NEA Multi-Stakeholder Forum on SDGs. Furthermore, she was able to explore as a Youth Challenge Developer and Task Force Leader at the 2021 P4G Summit, demonstrating the ability to develop innovative solutions and lead collaborative initiatives.

In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, indulging in the soothing sounds of records and music, and engaging in filming and photography. Her hobbies provide a creative outlet and a means to explore different perspectives.







Shreya K.C., Tracking Youth Fellow

Shreya is a passionate climate justice activist and educator with six years of experience in climate education, policies, and campaigning. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. She joins the Climate Champions Team as a Tracking Youth Fellow. She brings her experience of working with global youths in championing meaningful youth participation through Nepalese Youth for Climate Action and YOUNGO, the children and youth constituency of the UNFCCC. She is keen to follow the Global Stocktake and NDC enhancement process. Shreya led the Youth4NDC campaign in Nepal, which was successful as the ministry recognized young people’s demands and, for the first time committed to engaging youths in climate change discussion forums, including COP.

She is also a climate change champion of UNICEF South Asia and the Campaign Coordinator of Mock COP.

She was recognized as EE 30 under 30 for making a remarkable difference through environmental education and received the “Youth of the Year” award in 2022.







Kristina Rodriguez, Ocean Youth Fellow

Kristina Rodriguez is the lead research fellow at Ocean Conservancy, working on developing a report that analyzes the intersection between equity and justice concerns pertaining to the life cycle of plastics. Rodriguez started the Sustainable Ocean Alliance and served as the president of the Surfrider Foundation at UF.

She graduated from the Yale School of the Environment in May of 2022 with a Masters in Climate Policy and Solutions specializing in nature-based solutions and coastal ecosystem conservation.

Rodriguez is the founder of the Strong Roots Movement, a non-profit organization based in Florida that brings organic edible garden beds to underserved youth centres throughout food deserts and economically distressed areas.







Karim Ehab Salah, Race to Zero Youth Fellow

Karim is an Aerospace Engineer and a Race to Zero Fellow in the Climate Champions Team. As a member of the COP27 Youth Taskforce, working closely with the COP27 President’s Youth Envoy, Dr. Omnia El Omrani, he played a pivotal role in shaping global climate policies and youth engagements during COP27.

In 2023, Karim was selected as one of the distinguished participants in Y4S Masdar’s Future Sustainability Leaders program, recognizing his commitment to driving sustainable solutions. Additionally, he was accepted into the Leadership program by YLF in 2022, from a pool of 18,000 applicants.

Renowned for his expertise as a speaker and sustainability advocate, Karim delivered a keynote speech at COP27, sharing a panel with the President of the UN General Assembly and influential ministers. He actively engages in mobilizing communities in Egypt for climate action, while also holding certifications as a Sustainable Development trainer and a graduate of the McKinsey Forward program.

Karim is also a valuable member of YOUNGO’s Energy Working Group (EWG) COP28 Team, contributing to global discussions and initiatives related to energy transition and climate action. Karim’s advocacy focuses on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Entrepreneurship, and Youth Leadership. His unwavering dedication has led him to represent Egyptian youth in both national and international events, demonstrating his diverse volunteering experience and commitment to driving positive change.










Matteo Scalabrino, Finance Youth Fellow

Matteo is an expert in the sector of sustainable finance and impact investing with four years of professional experience, dividing his time as a practitioner and lecturer between London and Paris. He is currently a Senior Analyst working for Bankers without Boundaries (BwB), an investment banking and advisory firm basin on London.

Matteo recently finished a postgraduate program in Impact Finance Innovations at the Said Business School of Oxford University and previously completed his Master’s degree at the University of Sciences Po Paris. He is also a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum and served as Co-chair in the Finance Toolbox Committee of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance.







Hajrah Waqas, Resilience Youth Fellow

Hajrah is a dedicated advocate for climate empowerment and sustainability. She is a silver medalist with a passion for environmental conservation and has been recently awarded a scholarship for her master’s in Governance and Public Policy in Germany.

With her extensive experience working with INGOs such as Oxfam GB and UNDP Pakistan, Hajrah has gained a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

She is committed to creating meaningful change through community engagement and empowering youth to take action on climate issues and join her in the fight against climate change.



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