Race to Resilience welcomes University of Chile’s CR2 to Executive Team

By Climate Champions | June 3, 2021

The Race to Resilience (R2R) is delighted to announce the University of Chile’s Center for Climate Research and Resilience (CR)2 has officially joined the Race to Resilience as the Technical Secretariat to the global campaign.

The (CR)2 will sit in the Race to Resilience’s Executive Team, providing support for two essential functions of the campaign:

  1. The Secretariat to the Expert Review Group (ERG) who will be conducting the independent review of all applications from initiatives to join the Race to Resilience
  2. The Secretariat to the Methodology Advisory Group (MAG) who will validate the resilience metrics framework that all R2R initiatives will be applying to their actions as part of the R2R campaign.

As one of the leading resilience expertise centres in the world, (CR)2 will also provide technical inputs to the Methodological Advisory Group and Expert Review Group.

Their role on the Methodological Advisory Group will include preparing the recommendations on resilience metrics, based on their technical experience and the inputs collected from R2R initiatives. (CR)2 will also be helping outline a plan of resilience deliverables for COP for the R2R campaign.

Their technical input on the Expert Review Group will ensure rigorous and inclusive criteria are in place for initiatives joining the campaign, in addition to ensuring the campaign is informed by the latest developments on knowledge on building resilience and locally-led adaptation principles.

There is currently an open call for nominations to join the Expert Review Group running up to the 18th June. Full details of roles of ERG members and the criteria are here.

With 21 current initiatives in the Race to Resilience, the campaign is currently in the process of reviewing the second round of initiatives who have applied to join the campaign, raising the level of ambition and action on climate resilience around the world.

CR2 will be directly involved in reviewing applications and providing recommendations to the High-Level Champions.

Gonzalo Muñoz, UN High-Level Champion, COP 25:

“I could not be happier to have (CR)2 come on board with the Race to Resilience and join the Executive Team. (CR2)’s expertise on resilience metrics and world class climate resilience research centre make them a perfect partner for the campaign.

Their involvement with the campaign makes the Race to Resilience even more geographically diverse, delivering on the campaign’s locally-led principles and ensuring independent and objective support for the initiatives and the campaign”.

Paulina Aldunce Ide, Technical Lead, R2R and Center for climate and resilience research CR2:

“(CR)2 is excited to be part of the Race to Resilience campaign as Technical Secretariat. This pandemic has shown that climate action cannot be limited to mitigation and getting to zero net emissions, but requires significant steps towards building resilient societies. To be part of R2R is aligned with the spirit of (CR)2 of contributing with knowledge to support decision-making in addressing climate change.”

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