Open call for nominations to the Expert Review Group

By Climate Champions | June 3, 2021

Applications to join the Race to Resilience Expert Review Group are now running until Friday 18th June.

Race to Resilience is a global campaign – the sibling to Race to Zero – catalysing a step-change in global ambition for climate resilience, putting people and nature first in pursuit of a resilient world where we don’t just survive climate shocks and stresses but thrive in spite of them.

The Campaign is Led by the High-Level Climate Champions (HLC) for Climate Action – Nigel Topping and Gonzalo Muñoz and was launched at the Climate Adaptation Summit on January 25 2020 by Alok Sharma, COP26 President designate and Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, after an opening statement from Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary General of the United Nations.


  1. By 2030, to catalyse action by non-state actors that builds the resilience of 4 billion people from groups and communities who are vulnerable to climate risks.
  2. By 2050, to live in a world where all communities thrive in the face of the multiple risks and uncertainty posed by climate change.

The High Level Champions have decided to set up an Expert Review Group (ERG), to provide technical advice on the campaign. This includes advising the High-Level Climate Champions about which initiatives and networks should be included, or not, in the R2R Campaign  for their final decision.

Members of the ERG will be listed on the Race to Resilience website and a letter of recognition will be sent to each member.


  • Review applications from networks and initiatives wishing to join the R2R Campaign.
  • Advise the Champions on the basis of that review on which initiatives they recommend to accept. This advice will typically be in writing. If required, the Champions may organize discussions with the ERG.
  • Advise on overall progress of R2R and make recommendations to Champions on how R2R can be strengthened.

Expectations for members of the ERG, but not limited to:

  • Members engage as individuals or as named individuals from their organization
  • Members act in good faith to provide accurate, evidence-based advice to the Champions
  • Members are not compensated or remunerated for their time
  • Members allocate 5-10 hours per month to the work of the ERG
  • Members of the ERG serve initially until year end 2021, subject to 6 month-term renewable starting 2022.

Note: If a member of the ERG resigns before the next open call, the list of people nominated in the previous call will be re-visited to find another candidate.

Composition of the ERG

  • The ERG will be made up of a diversity of experts and practitioners. In this context, an expert is understood as an individual who owns experience and knowledge analysing, implementing, assessing, participating and/or investing in subjects related to resilience and adaptation to climate change. The expert could belong to academia, sub-national governments, civil society and community organisations or the private sector.
  • The ERG is formed of around 12-15 individuals
  • Working knowledge of English

Selection criteria

The expert should hold experience working with communities, networks, business, governments or civil society organisations in topics related to resilience and adaptation to climate change

The composition of the ERG aims to have a balance with respect to:

  • Gender
  • Geography, including developed and developing countries
  • Types of actors
  • Domains of expertise in one or more of the R2R pillars: Urban, Rural, Coastal resilience, and/or in one of the cross cutting themes: Finance, Disaster risk reduction and management (DRR/DRM)), and Inclusion.

Nomination process

Calls for nominations will be publicly shared on HLC website and through HLC and CR2 networks.

Individuals nominate themselves to serve on the ERG by filling in a Form, and including:

  • A short profile
  • The type of actor: academia, sub-national governments, civil society organisations and the private sector
  • Country of origin
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Country of institutional affiliation
  • Domains of expertise in one or more of the R2R pillars or/and themes
  • A CV (maximum 2 pages), including: Individual experience in the topic and areas of expertise and empirical experience
  • A cover letter specifying the reasons why you are applying and what you will bring to Race to Resilience

Further information can be requested from nominees via Roxana Bórquez (Resilience Officer, R2R Technical Secretariat):

The Technical Secretariat will collect and analyse the nominations according to the criteria and present a list of 20 candidates to the Champions. Champions are the ones who decide the final list of members.

Selected and non-selected individuals will be informed about the results.

The ERG would be formed of around 12-15 individuals, but the Champions may appoint further members to the ERG as needed if the number of initiatives wanting to join the R2R campaign increases. The candidate(s) will be taken from the roster of nominees.


  • Deadline for applications: Friday June 18
  • Deadline for communication of results to nominees: by June 30

Operation of the group

  • The ERG considers applications from initiatives on a rolling basis to be approved as either R2R Partner initiatives or suggest them towards being prospective accelerators. If they do not meet the criteria, the ERG will make a recommendation for which R2R partner initiative they should join.
  • In general, the ERG works over email.
  • The ERG has a monthly conference call to discuss any applications that require deliberation. This will be scheduled every month, but only held if deliberation is required.
  • Exceptionally, the ERG may arrange ad hoc meetings at the request of the Champions or if ERG members wish to meet.
  • ERG deliberations with respect to specific initiatives are confidential unless the network or initiative chooses to publicise them. ERG members are free to discuss publicly the general workings or processes of the ERG.
  • ERG will periodically receive updates on progress of R2R for their review, and to make recommendations on how R2R can be strengthened for consideration of the Champions.

Entries must be submitted via this form.

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