Call for Expressions of Interest from High-Level Champions to Climate Action Stakeholders

The UN Climate Change High-level Champions are publishing a call for Expression of Interest from stakeholders with expertise in public and private finance, emerging markets and developing economies, climate change and market-making initiatives, with the aim of identifying partners who can support and accelerate our work in holding five regional forums on climate projects.  By Climate Champions | June 14, 2022

Ahead of COP27 in November 2022, the UN system and the incoming Egyptian Presidency of COP27 will leverage its convening power, network of experts and influencers at regional levels and organize a series of five regional forums on climate projects bringing together key stakeholders from public and private sectors, to unlock finance for investment-ready climate programmes and projects in Member States. The events:
Towards COP27: Regional Forums on Climate Projects to Accelerate Climate Action and Advance the SDGs will be held in coordination and collaboration with the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions (HLCs).

With a focus on SDGs 13 and 17 as vehicles for change, the five regional forums aim to take a holistic approach towards financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the new global environment.

The three co-hosts of the Regional Forums will be:

  • The five UN Regional Commissions
  • Egyptian Presidency of COP 27
  • The UN Climate Change High-Level Champions

Objectives of the Regional Forums

  • Facilitate engagement with a broad set of partners and stakeholders, to accelerate public and private investment mobilisation around concrete initiatives, in the form of specific projects, that correspond to the distinct needs of the five different regions in addressing climate change in a holistic manner and narrowing the current climate finance gap.
  • Identify synergies and entry-points for climate finance to support the acceleration of access to clean energy, food security, and digital transformations, which remain key catalysts for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Highlight examples of financial institutions and investors, including FANZ members, acting on climate change through investment commitments.
  • Connect institutional investors and private sector financiers with governments in ‘resource matchmaking sessions’ and broker dialogues around co-creating investment opportunities. Share pipelines of feasible bankable projects, programs and initiatives that are aligned with the Paris Agreement on Climate Action and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and ready for implementation, scale-up and replication.


Finance for emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs) is a critical focus area of the High-Level Champions towards COP27 and essential for accelerating the Race to Zero, Race to Resilience and for breakthroughs in key sectors.

Many stakeholders including finance actors are already active on this topic, with decades of experience in challenges and solutions. The Champions’ role is to build on these efforts to catalyse action in the private sector to: accelerate investments in climate solutions and breakthroughs, with a focus on project pipelines, reinforcing breakthroughs, tangible implementation and near-term action.

For more information on the rationale for the Champions’ prioritising this topic and key objectives please click here.

Supporting partner role 

4a. Title of role, duration and location: HLC Supporting Partner. This would be for the duration of at least six months towards COP27. The work could be undertaken in-person and virtually, accommodating Egypt, UK and US East Coast time zones.

4b. Nature of the supporting partner role: Specifically, we are seeking external partners able to assist in project collation and signposting, and in strategic convenings including design, securing venues, roundtable facilitation and relevant communication. Please see below for more information.

4c. Project collation and signposting: This will include:

  • Collaborative planning and collation of pipelines of projects that use a holistic approach that are both Paris-aligned and SDG-aligned and ready for implementation and/or scale-up and replication, including from the Champions, sustainability experts, finance actors, corporates and entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitate engagement with a broad set of partners and stakeholders, to accelerate public and private investment around concrete initiatives, in the form of specific projects, that correspond to the distinct needs of the five different regions in addressing climate change in a holistic manner and narrowing the current climate finance gap.
  • Signpost projects to stakeholders able to provide financial expertise technical assistance to support development and assessment of high-level business plans of the projects, based on project ideas.
  • Signpost projects to stakeholders able to facilitate grants, seed funding, platforms and connections to finance actors(development banks, banks, investors and high-net worth individuals).

4d. Strategic convenings and communication: This will include:

  • Regional Forums design, organisation and delivery including event organisation, securing venue, facilitation, summary report and follow-up communication.
  • Support HLC’s communications on EMDEs to elevate the importance of this topic, ensure wide awareness and transparency.

Additional information:

The Proposed Calendar will be finalized through coordinating with the focal points within the five UN Regional Commissions all to be completed in advance of September:

  • Regional forum locations and provisional timeframes: 

(1) Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) region (ECLAC): potentially during Latin American Climate Week, Santo Domingo, 18th-22nd July 2022).

(2) Asia-Pacific region (ESCAP): 25th August, potentially with the AP Business Forum (August 26th)

(3) Africa region (potentially during Africa Climate Week, Gabon, 29th August to 2nd September)

(4) Western Asia (ESCWA): to be confirmed

(5) Europe (ECE or UNECE): to be confirmed

  • Format: hybrid in-person and virtual participation of speakers and participants.The roundtables will typically be two-hour sessions including presentation of project opportunities and dialogue among participants.
  • Content would focus on project opportunities, particularly building the pipeline, hosting project proposals and progressing follow-up at the regional level. The content will draw on project collation and signposting. The agenda would typically include:

Country NDCs with visibility on priority sectors, sector needs and project ideas; ○ Clarity on private finance role in these for project scoping opportunities;

Financial institutions’ guidance/perspective on country approaches, platforms and innovative financing solutions; and

Practical next steps by participants including private finance, DFIs and philanthropists, focusing on target sector (s).

Target participants would include:

  • Government Representatives
  • The Special Envoy on Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Special Representative for Sustainable Energy for All, the UN Global Compact, the UN Development Programme Intergovernmental.
  • Regional Organisations, Regional and National Development Banks
  • Multilateral Development Banks
  • IFC
  • Financial Institutions (private finance) including Race to Zero and GFANZ members, investment banks and institutional investors
  • Project proponents and developers
  • Bilateral, multilateral climate finance providers
  • Philanthropies and Foundations
  • International Trade Union Confederation
  • Global Investors for Sustainable Development (GISD)
  • Broader stakeholders including those in the Marrakech Partnership

The Egyptian Presidency of COP 27 and the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions will be coordinating with the focal points within the five UN Regional Commissions to finalize organizational and logistical details.

5.Selection criteria 

This will include:

  • Proven experience and presence in private finance, emerging markets and developing economies and in climate change.
  • Strong connections and proven track record in convening relevant experts in this field, with a focus on bankable projects and tackling climate change.
  • Track record and expertise in locally and topically relevant strategic communications and strong media networks
  • Proven experience in regular project design and management including overseeing project delivery, quality control, client orientation and conflict resolution.
  • Experience of convening a wide range of stakeholders and facilitating productive roundtables
  • Ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity, with flexibility and creativity.

Please provide a concise and clear proposal including a two-page summary, one-page budget and supporting information attached. This information should seek to cover:

5.1. Your organisation, name address and contact points.

5.2 Type of organisation and main activity.

5.3 Relevant experience and expertise in:

  • Private finance
  • Emerging markets and developing economies
  • Climate change
  • Project pipelines
  • Convening sustainability and financial sector organisations
  • Strategic communication including in with finance and business press, regional press and stakeholders, and in collaboration with the UN

5.4 Budget

Pro bono offers will be preferentially considered. The Climate Champions Team does not receive any core funding but rely on generous support from over 40 organisations and philanthropic donors

Please indicate budget amounts per region, or service offered, as we anticipate we may choose to work with multiple partners in different regions or on different parts of the project.

5.5 Timing:

Partners must be ready to begin work immediately – and continue at least through to the end of the year. General timeline for events:

  • July Preparation
  • July/August: hold Regional Forums
  • 2 Global events:
  • Sept 7-9 – Egypt Presidency Finance Days
  • Nov 6-16 COP 27 Finance Day (exact date TBC)

Click here to view the application form. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis so we would recommend applying early.

The deadline for submitting complete applications is 9pm GMT on 24 June 2022

For any queries, please contact

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