List of signatories of the Food Systems to Call to Action

The UN Climate Change High-Level Champions (HLCs) have collaborated with Non-State Actors – from farmers and fishers to businesses, cities, civil society, consumers and all those engaged in food systems – to develop a Non-State Actors Call to Action for Transforming Food Systems for People, Nature, and Climate. The Call to Action mobilizes collective efforts around a shared vision of food systems that deliver significant, measurable progress for people, nature, and climate by 2030. Through this shared agenda, we aim to scale action, raise ambition, and unlock the potential of food systems as one of the main solutions for people, nature, and climate. Below are a list of endorsers of the CTA. By Climate Champions | December 1, 2023
  1. 4SD foundation
  2. Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab (J-WAFS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Access To Nutrition Initiative (ATNI)
  4. ADM Capital
  5. Africa Centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Development
  6. African Climate Foundation
  7. Agroecology Coalition
  8. Agroecology Fund
  10. Aleph Farms
  11. AMAGRO A.G.
  12. Aquatic Blue Food Coalition
  13. Asia Investor Group on Climate Change
  14. B Lab Global
  15. Banco de Alimentos Paraguay
  16. Bezos Earth Fund
  17. Bio Food Products Ltd
  18. Biodiversity Television Network
  19. C40 Cities
  20. Cafedirect PLC
  21. CARE
  22. Center for Global Commons at U-Tokyo
  23. Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development (CRSD), University of Cambridge, UK
  24. Centre Multifonctionnel de Bepanda pour les personnes socialement vulnérables (CMB)
  25. CGIAR
  26. Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
  27. Chilis on Wheels
  28. China Association for Social and Economic Systematic Analysis
  29. Christian Aid
  30. Citizens’ Climate International
  31. Clarmondial
  32. CLAS Coalition for Americas’ Health
  33. Cleantech21 Foundation
  34. Clim-Eat
  35. Climate Action Network Uganda
  36. Climate Bonds Initiative
  37. ClimateWorks Foundation
  38. Coalition of Action 4 Soil Health (CA4SH)
  39. Coalizão Brasil Clima, Florestas e Agricultura
  40. Commonland
  41. Compassion in World Farming
  42. Conservation International
  43. Consumers International
  44. COP28 Action Agenda on Regenerative Landscapes
  45. CORDIO East Africa
  46. Danone
  47. Degas Ghana Limited
  48. dsm-firmenich
  49. Eastern Africa Farmers Federation
  50. EAT
  51. Ecosistema Jaguar
  52. Eja-Ice Limited
  53. Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
  54. Environmental Defense Fund
  55. European Carbon Farmers
  56. European Climate Foundation
  57. Farmbiosis
  58. Farmers’ Seed Network (China)
  59. Food and Land Use Coalition
  60. Food Bank Botswana
  61. Food Banks Canada
  62. Food Future Foundation
  63. Food Security Foundation India, India Food Banking Network
  64. Food Systems Pavilion
  65. Food Tank
  66. Food, Farming & Countryside Commission
  67. Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina
  68. Future Economy Forum
  69. Future Food Movement
  70. Galletas Gullón S.A.
  71. GAWA Capital
  73. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
  74. Global Alliance for Territorial Communities
  75. Global Alliance for the Future of Food
  76. Global Commons Alliance
  77. Global Methane Hub
  78. Good Food Finance Network
  79. Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment
  80. Greenovation Hub
  81. Greenspoon
  82. Griffith Foods
  83. Growing to Give
  84. GYBN Niger
  85. Health of the Soil International
  86. Heifer International
  87. Heliopolis University
  88. HowGood
  89. Humane Society International
  90. ICLEI CityFood
  91. ID Capital Pte
  92. IFOAM – Organics International
  93. IKEA Foundation
  94. Indigo Ag
  95. Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
  96. Institute for Climate and Peace
  97. Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  98. Instituto Regenera
  99. Inter IKEA Services B.V.
  100. International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA)
  101. Jamaica Network of Rural Women Producers
  102. Jeremy Coller Foundation
  103. JVE International
  104. Level4International
  105. Macdoch Foundation
  106. Madre Brava
  107. McKnight Foundation
  108. Mercy For Animals
  109. Micro Enterprise Support Programme Trust
  110. Mighty Earth
  111. Mo Ibrahim Foundation
  112. Mulloon Institute
  113. Municipality of Funchal
  114. Natural Capitalism Solutions
  115. Nestlé
  116. NeverEndingFood Permaculture
  117. No Hunger Food Bank
  118. Novolyze
  119. NYC Mayor’s Office of Food Policy
  120. OCP Group
  121. One Earth
  122. One planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B)
  123. Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum
  124. Paulig Group
  125. Pegasus Capital Advisors
  126. Philanthropic Collaboration for Renegerative and Agroecological Transitions
  127. Planet Tracker
  128. Plant Based Treaty
  129. Plataforma LEDS LAC
  130. Plenty
  131. Pollination
  132. Practical Action
  133. Proforest
  134. ProVeg International
  135. Rainforest Alliance
  136. Rare
  137. Red de Bancos de Alimentos de México
  138. Regen10
  139. RegensHope Initiative
  140. Regional Impact Trade Alliance
  141. Resilience Rising
  142. Rikolto
  143. Robert Bosch Stiftung
  144. Robertson Foundation
  145. Savoir Consulting: ESG, Sustainability, Food & Agribusiness
  146. SDG2 Advocacy Hub
  147. SDSN
  148. Seawards
  149. SEKEM
  150. Shamba Centre for Food & Climate
  151. Shenzhen GoalBlue Low Carbon Development Promoting Center
  152. Simon Fraser University
  153. Skills4impact
  154. 上海绿色光年环保服务中心 (Shanghai Green Lightyear Environmental Protection Service Center)
  155. 山水自然保护中心 (Shanshui Nature Conservation Center)
  158. Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions
  159. Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions
  160. Stronger Foundations for Nutrition
  161. Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment
  162. Sustainable Food Trust
  163. Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
  164. Syngenta Group
  165. SynTao Co., Ltd.
  166. Systemiq
  167. Tapp Coalition
  168. Tetra Pak
  169. Thai Union Group PCL
  170. The Advanced Plant Growth Centre
  171. The Blended Finance Taskforce
  172. The Club of Rome
  173. The Egyptian Bio-Dynamic Association – EBDA
  174. The Farm of Francesco
  175. The Food and Land Use Coalition
  176. The Food Foundation
  177. The Food System Resiliency Table
  178. The Global FoodBanking Network
  179. The Good Food Fund
  180. The Good Food Institute
  181. The Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty (TIP)
  182. The Just Rural Transition Secretariat
  183. The Nature Conservancy
  184. The Rockefeller Foundation
  185. The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP)
  186. Transforming Urban Rural Food Systems Consortium
  187. True Value of Food Initiative
  188. Unilever
  189. UNISC International
  190. Veris Strategies
  191. Viña Polkura
  192. Walton Family Foundation
  193. We Mean Business Coalition
  194. Wellbeing Economy Alliance
  195. Wetlands International
  196. World Animal Protection
  197. World Benchmarking Alliance
  198. World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  199. World Farmers Organisation
  200. World Future Council
  201. WWF
  202. Young Emerging Farmers Initiative (YEFI)
  203. YOUNGO
  204. Youth in Agroecology and Restoration Network
Nature & Land Use

Voces indígenas en la COP28: “Imploramos a toda la humanidad que se una con un objetivo único: declarar, ‘Ya es suficiente'”

Tres miembros de la Delegación de la Comunidad de Primera Línea (FCD), María Pedro de Pedro, Briseida Iglesias López de Guerrero y Maricela Fernández Fernández, arrojan luz sobre las realidades urgentes enfrentadas por quienes están más directamente afectados por el cambio climático. Sus historias revelan no sólo los desafíos, sino también la resiliencia y las soluciones encontradas dentro de las comunidades de primera línea.

Nature & Land Use

Indigenous voices at COP28: “We implore all of humanity to unite with a single objective: to declare, “Enough is enough”

Three members of the Frontline Community Delegation (FCD), Maria Pedro de Pedro, Briseida Iglesias Lopez de Guerrero, and Maricela Fernández Fernández, shed light on the urgent realities faced by those most directly impacted by climate change. Their stories reveal not only the challenges but also the resilience and solutions found within frontline communities.