Establishing the “Carbon Law for Nature”

Grounded in the latest climate science, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative's roadmap outlines a path to reach net zero emissions from the land sector by 2030 through natural climate solutions. By Exponential Roadmap Initiative | February 3, 2023

Proposed in 2017, the Carbon Law states that to keep climate warming “well below” 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial times, emissions should peak in 2020 and halve every decade until reaching net zero in 2050.

Protecting and restoring nature is essential to reaching this goal. To that end, the roadmap establishes a new “Carbon Law for Nature” – a benchmark for emissions from the land sector each year. Currently, 12.5 Gt of greenhouse gas emissions are released each year from humanity’s use of land. We aim to reduce this to net zero by 2030, a 5 Gt sink by 2040 and a 10 Gt sink by 2050.

Watch the video the find out more:

It is a critical step toward providing:

  • communities with resources to support land stewardship
  • countries with the knowledge to identify and activate the climate potential of their domains
  • companies and financiers with clear paths to invest in climate solutions

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Nature & Land Use

Future proofing food for people and planet at the second UN Food Systems Summit

The scorching heat currently engulfing Rome serves as a stark backdrop to our discussions here at the second UN Food Systems Summit. Held within these ancient city walls, this conference is a timely reminder that our actions today will shape the future of our planet and generations yet to come. The science is clear – we need to transform our food system, urgently, to deliver for people and the planet.