These are the adaptation actions required to protect vulnerable communities from worsening climate impacts

By Climate Champions | November 8, 2022

At COP27, the Presidency announced the Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda to build climate resilience for 4 billion by 2030. The Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda is a comprehensive, shared agenda to rally global action around 30 adaptation outcomes that are needed to address the adaptation gap and achieve a resilient world by 2030. The Agenda will accelerate transformative actions by countries, regions, cities, businesses, investors and civil society to adapt to the acute climate hazards facing vulnerable communities.

Recognising the systems-level transformations required to respond to local climate contexts, needs and risks, the Climate Champions team have co-created technical reports that detail the adaptation actions required to protect vulnerable communities to rising climate hazards.

In partnership with BCG, we explored:

In partnership with McKinsey, we explored:

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Race to Resilience

The Nature Conservancy CEO, Jennifer Morris: We are in the age of adaptation

Jennifer Morris, CEO of The Nature Conservancy, addresses the urgent need for more innovative climate adaptation strategies. Morris emphasizes transforming stakeholder engagement and enhancing financial support mechanisms, advocating for governance by Indigenous Peoples and local communities. She calls for radical collaboration across governments, businesses, and civil society to address the climate crisis and close the adaptation finance gap swiftly and fairly.

Race to Resilience

Revitalizing landscapes damaged by intensive agriculture in Brazil’s Paraná State

Race to Resilience partner Initiative 20×20 is working with MIROVA and the SLB Group in Brazil to restore degraded land caused by intensive agriculture in Paraná. This project seeks to rejuvenate 1,400 hectares previously used for intensive farming practices by implementing innovative forestry methods that promise greater biodiversity and environmental sustainability.