Revolutionizing resilience through women’s impact in climate-smart finance

By Climate Champions | November 22, 2023
  • Partner: Scale for Resilience
  • Implementer: YAPU Solutions, CIAT, ICCAD, Locfund
  • Region: Latin America
  • Impact: 30 trainees

Climate change’s impact is disproportionately felt by women, gender-diverse individuals, youth, and marginalized communities. These groups often face the greatest challenges in adapting to environmental changes, despite contributing least to their cause. This disparity highlights a crucial intersection of gender equality, climate resilience, food security, and rural development.

Addressing this imbalance is the Women in Resilience Finance initiative, spearheaded by Scale for Resilience. This program recognizes the unique challenges faced by these groups and aims to empower women within the financial sector. The initiative consists of several key components: a mentorship program for female mid-level managers in developing countries’ inclusive financial service providers, monthly virtual coffee chats for women in various financial roles, and an implementation program. This comprehensive approach is designed to build capacity, establish strong networks, and promote leadership roles for women in resilience finance.

The mentorship program’s core objective is to nurture ‘Resilience Ambassadors’ – women equipped with deep knowledge in adaptation and resilience financing. Over three months, participants engage in modules covering gender and cultural concepts, climate risk management, climate smart finance, and development of green credit products. A notable feature of the curriculum is the emphasis on practical experiences, including interviews with female clients and self-reflective activities.

Complementing the mentorship is the implementation program, which concentrates on enhancing the capabilities of Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs). This includes training in climate risk management, development of gender-sensitive policies and credit products, and the integration of a digital Monitoring, Reporting, Verification System (MRV) for assessing climate risks.

The initiative has made significant strides, with the first cohort of 10 Resilience Ambassadors from six Latin American countries nearing completion. A second group is underway, and plans are in place to expand the program to the Caribbean. By mid-2024, the goal is to have at least 30 Resilience Ambassadors across Latin America and the Caribbean, leading the charge in promoting resilience finance for women and other marginalized groups.

Those interested in supporting the Women in Resilience Finance initiative can contact Scale for Resilience at for more information and opportunities to contribute to this vital cause.