Race to Resilience: May Roundup

The Race to Resilience campaign continues to gain momentum as partners from around the world work hard to address the urgent challenges posed by the climate crisis. In this monthly roundup, we highlight the key activities and updates from the campaign in May. By Race to Resilience | June 2, 2023

Our campaign in numbers

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Adaptation and Resilience on the Road to COP28

The Race to Resilience team organized an activation event in Dubai on 29 May, focusing on adaptation and resilience measures in the face of climate change. The event highlighted the alarming rate at which temperatures are rising in the UAE and other Middle East countries, with water scarcity expected to worsen in the driest region in the world.

The Sharm-El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda, launched at COP27, serves a catalyst for rallying bold action and leadership from non-state actors such as the private sector, businesses, and financial institutions. The goal is to mainstream adaptation and resilience efforts, better prepare for climate-related challenges, minimize losses, strengthen operations, and create new opportunities for sustainable development.

Insurance Accelerator flagship initiative

The Insurance Adaptation Acceleration Initiative, launched by the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions and the Arsht-Rockefeller Resilience Center in collaboration with Marsh McLennan, took centre stage at a roundtable event in Dubai on 30 May. The initiative aims to expand support for climate adaptation solutions, manage risks, and protect people and assets in emerging economies from the increasing threats of climate change.

The roundtable session mobilized the UAE finance sector and relevant stakeholders to join the Insurance Adaptation Acceleration Flagship Initiative. The objective was to define a roadmap of action for COP28, showcasing UAE/MENA leadership and identifying best practices, demonstration projects, and enablers in the region. Similar roundtable sessions are planned for the LAC and MENA regions in the coming months.

Roof Over our Heads: Latin America Roundtable Session

With approximately 1 billion people living in vulnerable informal settlements, the Race to Resilience has partnered with organizations such as TECHO International to design and implement resilient housing solutions. The Latin America roundtable session, held on 31 May, brought together leaders, practitioners, and initiatives to exchange knowledge, inspire action, and explore opportunities for collaboration in the LAC region.

Latest from our partners

Resurgence announced the launch of the DARAJA East Africa Scale Up Programme, which aims to create Africa’s most ambitious and inclusive urban early warning initiative. The program will cover cities in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, and Rwanda, expanding access to early warning systems for vulnerable communities.

The International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) released “The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report: A focus on implementation.” The publication highlights the efforts of practitioners, policymakers, and stakeholders in advancing sustainable infrastructure systems.

Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) submitted a contribution advocating for supporting adaptation and resilient water, sanitation, and hygiene services as a key component of water security and human resilience. SWA will also participate in the sixth workshop under the Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) work program.

CIFAR Alliance launched the Blockchain for Resilience Landscape Report, showcasing case studies on how blockchain can incentivize sustainable land use, enhance investment and insurance for small-scale farmers, promote ocean conservation, and mitigate climate risk.

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) and the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA) published eight factsheets providing standardized information on women’s contribution to the seafood sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Upcoming Events

Several important events are on the horizon for the Race to Resilience campaign:

The Insurance Development Forum 2023 Summit calls for partnerships across the public and private sectors to bring efficiency and scale in disaster risk finance implementation.

The InsuResilience Annual Forum aims to drive joint action on Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance.

Initiative20x20 at the Land and Carbon Lab Summit will discuss monitoring and reporting progress on land restoration efforts in the LAC region.

Key events in Bonn (5-15 June)

Actions After Impacts
Set of Solutions & Opportunities from Non-State Actors to Address Loss and Damage
Friday 9 June (13:00- 14:30)
Location: Santiago de Chile at the World Conference Center in Bonn

Implementing the Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda (SAA)
Setup of Task Forces and a Call for Action
Monday 12 June (13:00 – 14:00 CEST)
Location: Room Santiago de Chile  at the World Conference Center in Bonn,

Partners Events in Bonn

UN Global Pact

A Workers and Trade Union view on the GST and the Just Transition Work Programme
Tuesday 6 June (16:15-17:30 CEST)
Location: Room Bonn at the World Conference Centre in Bonn (WCCB)

World Farmers Organization

Regenerative Agriculture: A Sustainable Solution to Climate Change
Friday 9 June (11:45-13:00 CEST) Room Bonn WCCB


Synergizing Climate Action and Disaster Risk Reduction: GST and Midterm Review of Sendai Framework
Monday 12 June (10:15-11:30) Room Bonn WCCB

Cities Race to Resilience / ICLEI

#MultilevelActionDelivers: Transforming climate emergency action & global stocktake
Tuesday 13 June (11:45-13:00) Room Bonn WCCB

Sanitation Water for All

Taking Stock of Water-wise Climate Policy
Wednesday 14 June (6:15-17:30) Room Berlin WCCB

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Race to Resilience

The Nature Conservancy CEO, Jennifer Morris: We are in the age of adaptation

Jennifer Morris, CEO of The Nature Conservancy, addresses the urgent need for more innovative climate adaptation strategies. Morris emphasizes transforming stakeholder engagement and enhancing financial support mechanisms, advocating for governance by Indigenous Peoples and local communities. She calls for radical collaboration across governments, businesses, and civil society to address the climate crisis and close the adaptation finance gap swiftly and fairly.

Race to Resilience

Revitalizing landscapes damaged by intensive agriculture in Brazil’s Paraná State

Race to Resilience partner Initiative 20×20 is working with MIROVA and the SLB Group in Brazil to restore degraded land caused by intensive agriculture in Paraná. This project seeks to rejuvenate 1,400 hectares previously used for intensive farming practices by implementing innovative forestry methods that promise greater biodiversity and environmental sustainability.