Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda to take centre stage at Bonn 2023

By Climate Champions | June 2, 2023

Midway between COP27 and COP28, the global climate community gears up for a landmark event that promises to inject strong momentum into enhancing global action on adaptation and resilience as an utmost priority.

The Egyptian COP27 Presidency and the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions joined forces at COP27 to launch a comprehensive and ambitious plan to enhance adaptation and resilience for billions of people worldwide – the Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda (SAA). To set the stage, an event is scheduled to take place at the Bonn Climate Change Conference (SB 58) on 12 June, where the SAA implementation Task Forces will be established, and a call for action will be issued across the climate arena.

The SAA was developed in response to the ever-increasing impacts of climate change on populations in climate vulnerable situations around the globe. Recognizing the urgent need for adaptation action and mobilization of finance at scale and accelerated pace, the SAA outlines 30 Adaptation Outcomes to foster adaptation and resilience across five critical impact systems: food, water, oceans, human settlements, and infrastructure. Moreover, the plan emphasizes the essential enablers of planning and finance to drive systemic transformations and achieve these outcomes by 2030.

To expedite the implementation of the SAA, the COP27 Presidency, the High-Level Champions, and the Marrakech Partnership are convening six Task Forces, each focusing on a specific impact system: Food Systems, Water, Human Settlements, Oceans, Infrastructure, and Finance. These Task Forces will rally state and non-state actors, identify partnerships for delivery, track progress, and contribute to shaping a common narrative for consolidated action on adaptation system transformation. Their work will be instrumental in delivering the first SAA Implementation Report at COP28.

The upcoming event aims to achieve several crucial objectives. Firstly, it seeks to build momentum for accelerating SAA implementation by fostering convergence among multiple actors and driving adaptation action across the outlined solutions. Secondly, it aims to facilitate interaction among the Task Forces to shape their agendas for mobilization and delivery. Thirdly, the event will provide the first working session for each Task Force, enabling the definition of work priorities, action mobilization, finance solutions, and opportunities to track progress. Additionally, the event will reinforce the interlinkages between adaptation-focused initiatives launched at COP27 and the SAA, amplifying the collective impact on adaptation action. Lastly, it will provide a platform for key stakeholders in the adaptation community, including cities, regions, businesses, investors, and local communities, to assess progress and address challenges related to adaptation action, fostering alignment behind SAA solution targets.

The event’s agenda features diverse sessions and speakers, aiming to maximize engagement and participation. It begins with a scene-setting and opening remarks by the COP27 Presidency, the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions and UN Climate Change representatives. Subsequent sessions will highlight existing progress in various SAA systems, announce and establish the Task Forces, and provide an opportunity for dialogue and the exchange of ideas. The event will close with a call to action, delivered by the COP27 and the COP28 Presidencies and the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions.

Partners and organizers include the Marrakech Partnership Focal Points, a number of UN agencies, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Race to Resilience, and the UNFCCC Team, Climate Champions Team, and Marrakech Partnership Focal Points.

The event is open to the public and welcomes all participants of the Bonn SB 58. The format of the event is expected to be in-person discussions, with a possibility of hybrid arrangements to ensure broader accessibility.

Meeting room: Santiago de Chile at the WCCB in Bonn (SB58 venue), 13:00-15:00 CET

For more information about the event and expression of interest in joining the taskforces, contact:

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