Future Forward: The Future of Forests

By The Climate Pledge | April 4, 2023

At almost the size of Australia, the Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world. However, due to the current scale of deforestation, it won’t be this size for long. Rainforests are natural carbon sinks, and when their trees vanish their naturally-stored carbon has to go somewhere — and that somewhere is our atmosphere. In order to protect the Amazon and simultaneously combat food scarcity, it is critical that businesses invest in nature-based solutions. Amazon and their partners are supporting agroforestry systems in Brazil to restore forests, produce food, and create a sustainable livelihood for local communities. Directed by David Darg.


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Nature & Land Use

Voces indígenas en la COP28: “Imploramos a toda la humanidad que se una con un objetivo único: declarar, ‘Ya es suficiente'”

Tres miembros de la Delegación de la Comunidad de Primera Línea (FCD), María Pedro de Pedro, Briseida Iglesias López de Guerrero y Maricela Fernández Fernández, arrojan luz sobre las realidades urgentes enfrentadas por quienes están más directamente afectados por el cambio climático. Sus historias revelan no sólo los desafíos, sino también la resiliencia y las soluciones encontradas dentro de las comunidades de primera línea.

Nature & Land Use

Indigenous voices at COP28: “We implore all of humanity to unite with a single objective: to declare, “Enough is enough”

Three members of the Frontline Community Delegation (FCD), Maria Pedro de Pedro, Briseida Iglesias Lopez de Guerrero, and Maricela Fernández Fernández, shed light on the urgent realities faced by those most directly impacted by climate change. Their stories reveal not only the challenges but also the resilience and solutions found within frontline communities.