Young leaders take centre stage at Asia-Pacific Climate Week

By Climate Champions | November 15, 2023

The Climate Champions Team (CCT), in support of the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions (HLCs) at Asia-Pacific Climate Week (APCW) are showcasing the potential of young people to drive climate action. Here we highlight the experiences of two Climate Champions’ Youth Fellows Shreya K.C, Tracking Youth Fellow and Chaeyoung Hyun, Energy Policy Youth Fellow, whose work is helping to redefine the climate change conversation and accelerate real and lasting change.

The Climate Champions Team Youth Fellowship Program

The Climate Champions Team (CCT) Youth Fellowship Program is designed to empower and engage young leaders in the climate action sphere. Now in its third year, it aims to provide young people with opportunities to meaningfully contribute to the global climate agenda, particularly in implementing the goals of the Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaigns.

Youth Fellows are selected for their passion, expertise, and potential to drive change within their communities and beyond. They work on projects that intersect various aspects of climate action, including advocacy, policy development, community engagement, and event coordination.

These fellows are not just participants in climate discussions; they are influencers and shapers of the dialogue. They engage with a wide range of stakeholders – from grassroots organizations to global leaders – bringing fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to the table.


Shreya K.C.

Shreya’s journey in climate advocacy is a story of perseverance and determination based on her experiences as a direct victim of climate change. In her job as APCW’s CCT coordinator, she is helping to plan events, foster partnerships, and drive systemic change. Her strategy is partly driven by her own experiences of climate impacts in her native home of Solukhumbu, one of 14 districts of Koshi Province of eastern Nepal –

“In the heart of climate crisis, every voice matters. My journey with CCT has taught me the power of inclusivity and diversity in driving effective climate action. It’s not just about making decisions; it’s about crafting solutions that reflect the voices of those most affected. As a youth leader, I aim to ensure that every step we take towards a sustainable future is a step taken together, with every stakeholder, especially the youth, playing a pivotal role.”

– Shreya K.C., Youth Fellow



Chaeyoung Hyun

The story begins in Chae’s home country of South Korea, where her early involvement with climate action inspired a lifelong dedication to climate diplomacy. Today, she works to promote equitable and inclusive energy transitions in the Asia-Pacific region as the coordinator of the CCT’s JETCo Dialogue for APACCW. Her research underlines the importance of including all voices in climate change solutions. Chae’s experience has taught her the significance of building momentum as a group and the need to bring together a variety of perspectives to address climate change. She tackles the challenges of energy transitions by coordinating the interests of various stakeholders with the goal of achieving sustainable energy development through programs such as the JETCo Dialogues.

“Climate action is not a solo journey, but a chorus of diverse voices coming together. At CCT, I’ve learned the importance of integrating perspectives from all corners of society to forge just and inclusive solutions. My work in coordinating the JETCo Dialogue for APACCW underlines our commitment to ensuring that energy transitions are not just about technological shifts but about equitable access and empowerment. We are here not only to fight climate change but to build a world where every individual, regardless of their background, has a stake in our planet’s future.”
– Chaeyoung Hyun, Youth Fellow

Cultvatinguture climate leaders

Shreya’s and Chae’s experiences underscore the importance of young voices in setting the climate agenda, illustrating that youth involvement is important for achieving meaningful change. Youth engagement in climate action is about making a genuine difference and helping accelerate the transformation of a world fit for future generations.

Please help us achieve our goal of a healthier, fairer and more resilient world. Join climate change projects in your community to help bring about the revolutionary shift we so desperately need. Let’s work together to make the world a better place for everyone.




Asia-Pacific Climate Week

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