Fair Water Footprints: A pivotal event at World Water Week 2023

By Climate Champions | August 11, 2023

Water is the lifeblood of our planet, and its management is crucial to supporting both human wellbeing and environmental sustainability. As we race towards 2030, the goal of achieving responsible and equitable water usage is more pressing than ever. Against this backdrop, World Water Week 2023 offers a platform for global leaders, organizations, researchers, and stakeholders to come together, explore innovative solutions, and contribute to a water-secure future.

Among the multitude of sessions, workshops, and discussions, one event stands out: “Fair Water Footprints: Changing the Game in the Race to 2030”, scheduled for Tuesday, 22 August from 09:30 – 10:00 CEST.

The urgent challenge

Water scarcity is not merely a local or regional issue; it has become a global concern. A recent report by Water Witness International revealed that half of global water use from rivers and aquifers to supply the food and goods consumed by high-income economies originates from unsustainable sources, including regions facing severe water scarcity.

The Glasgow Declaration on Fair Water Footprints

In response to this injustice, the Glasgow Declaration on Fair Water Footprints was formulated. This innovative initiative brings together governments, businesses, investors, and civil society to work collectively towards zero pollution, sustainable withdrawal, universal WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), nature protection, and climate resilience in supply chains.

Event highlights

During this session, attendees will gain insights from distinguished speakers including:

  • Honourable Minister Abida Mia, Minister for Water, Government of Malawi, who will articulate what unfair water footprints mean for the Global South’s communities, ecosystems, and economies.
  • Dr. Nick Hepworth, Executive Director of Water Witness International, who will delve into the data showcasing the Global North’s dependence on the water resources of the Global South.
  • Suzanne Franks, Sustainability Manager at Sainsbury’s, who will outline what corporations can do to address their water footprints in global supply chains.

Together, they will unpack the data, discuss real-world implications, and explore how Fair Water Footprints could forever change the way we use water in global supply chains.

This event is more than just a discussion; it’s a call to action. It invites all stakeholders to be part of a movement that aims to establish water stewardship as a global business norm and places water justice and climate resilience at the center of trade and investment.

Registration for this event is free as part of the Stockholm World Water Week online access pass.

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