The Future We Choose

By Climate Champions | October 27, 2020

What we do today will impact the type of world that future generations inherit. We have the power to create a world that is healthier and more resilient. A world in which our cities and towns are designed for people. A world in which our energy comes from clean sources where the air we breathe is fresh and healthy. A world in which those living in coastal areas are protected from extreme weather and rising sea levels.

We need our leaders in businesses and governments to take bold action to get us this future. Let’s work together to show them what we want.

Governments and business leaders must lead the transition to this future. As citizens and consumers, we have the power to show our leaders that we want to pursue a healthier and cleaner world, by voting, buying and living in favour of the future we aspire to. How we move, what we eat, and how we power our homes has a huge influence on what our businesses and government leaders choose to do. Our society is designed in response to the small and large decisions that each of us make every day; together we can redesign our future to create a world that prioritises people.

This action matters especially when we work together

Telling our employers and politicians about the future we want will push them to take bold action. Switching up the car for a walk or cycle, eating a plant-rich diet and using clean energy sources is good for our health and our communities. When we take these actions together in solidarity, we send a signal to our leaders that we want to transition as quickly as possible towards a cleaner future.

People and communities all over the world are taking bold action

All over the world, schools, communities, sports clubs, universities, mom-and-pop shops are joining this race to a healthier future. They recognise that a changing climate impacts us all and the things we love, and that each of us can do something about it, if we work together and play our part.

Consumers voting with their wallets are choosing to back brands that demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. 80% of global consumers say they are changing their purchase preferences based on sustainability. In cities large and small, mayors and other policy makers are positioning their cities to lead us into the future. They know that the cities that will win the future are those who start investing now in jobs and industries aligned with a healthier, greener future. That’s why mayors representing cities all over the globe from Bristol, Bogota, Durban, Wales are committing to a net zero future.

In sports, a changing climate is threatening many of the games that we all know and love. Polluted air and unpredictable weather is impacting athlete’s ability to perform in a wide range of activities. With the Tokyo games predicted to be the hottest in history, athletes and clubs all over the world from the NBA to the Premier League are committing to halving their impact on the environment by 2030, at the latest.

All around us, our favorite sports teams, cafes, to our alma maters, cities, people and communities are playing their part.

Our collective action is working

We know that governments and business leaders are listening. The number of businesses and governments that have adopted net zero policies has doubled in the past year.

Play your part

The window of opportunity to create the future we want is here and now. Scientists tell us that we have a decade to protect ourselves and future generations from the worst effects on climate change. If we all act now and together, we can choose the future we want.

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