Exponential Roadmap Initiative: And now for the good news from the IPCC report, the 1.5C target is still viable

By Owen Gaffney and Johan Falk | March 29, 2023

The latest climate report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was full of bad news: Climate change is already killing people and destroying nature. We’re way off-target on the commitment to stabilize temperature rises to 1.5°C, which is needed to ensure a livable future on Earth.

And yet there was also some good news in the report.

“The world’s leading scientists conclude that all the solutions to halve emissions by 2030 ‒ from wind and solar energy to electric vehicles and heat pumps ‒ are here already. And these solutions are scalable; they can be deployed rapidly. And, most importantly, they are all affordable,” Owen Gaffney and Johan Falk write.

Not only MUST the next decade see the fastest economic and energy transformation in history – it also CAN see that transformation.

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Owen Gaffney is co-founder of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. He is a strategist, writer, producer and analyst who focuses on the future of people and planet. He is part of several organizations, including the Nobel Prize, where he is chief impact officer, and Earth4All. Photograph by Michael Campanella

Johan Falk is co-founder and CEO of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. A strategist and entrepreneur, he has experience at exponential scaling businesses at Intel, Ericsson and start-ups.