ACTO Summit: Protecting the Earth’s lungs

By Climate Champions | August 7, 2023

This week, the eyes of the world will turn to Brazil as it hosts a critical event that could help shape the future of our planet. Leaders and stakeholders from various domains will converge at the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation (ACTO) Summit to address the pressing and interconnected issues of climate change, biodiversity, and Indigenous rights.

The Amazon has often found itself at the centre of global discussions on climate regulation and biodiversity protection. ACTO Summit represents a High-Level opportunity to engage with Heads of State (HoS) from the eight Amazon countries, international leaders, and Indigenous Peoples who have traditionally been overlooked in climate action campaigns.

Alongside the ACTO Summit, the Brazilian Government will also host the Amazon Dialogues, co-led by The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Institute of Environmental Research in Amazonia (Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia (IPAM), and Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS), focusing on five thematic topics. Additionally, Indigenous organizations will host the Forum for Indigenous Peoples.

Themes and objectives

  • Protecting the land

The discussions aim to connect stakeholders to advance the Financial Sector Deforestation Action initiative (FSDA) and address commodity-driven deforestation, land conversion, and human rights abuses. Collaborations with UNCCC, UN Climate Change High-Level Champions and initiatives like Global Canopy’s Finance Sector Workshop underscore the urgency of protecting our ecosystems.

  • Restoring the damaged

With the 20×20 initiative in focus, leaders will explore methods to connect financial institutions with regional decision-makers for restoration and sustainable management of the environment.

  • Sustainable management

From timber companies like Suzano to food and agriculture stakeholders, the Summit will build strong links between nature protection and food production. Emphasizing deforestation-free agriculture and promoting regenerative practices will be crucial in ensuring future food security.

  • Inclusion agenda

The Summit coincides with International Indigenous Peoples’ Day on 9 August, amplifying the role of Indigenous-led funds and the importance of direct access to finance in supporting Indigenous stewardship of nature. UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP28, H.E. Razan Al Mubarak, will on this day push for direct access to finance for Indigenous Peoples and recognize the inseparable food and forest agendas, in addition to celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day with the COP28 presidency.

The Road to COP28 and beyond

The ACTO Summit’s activities align with building momentum towards COP28 and envisioning a roadmap for COP30. It’s about making financial and societal sense while responding to the urgency of scientific demands.


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