Staze: Using Race to Zero criteria to deliver net zero hotel bookings 

By Staze | May 2, 2023

Race to Zero member Staze is a hotel booking platform committed to reducing its impact on the environment by supporting and empowering hundreds of companies on net zero journeys to minimise, offset, and track their hotel carbon footprint. Businesses that use Staze have reduced their carbon footprint from hotel stays by up to 70%.

Staze uses its profits to offset the carbon footprint of every hotel booking on Staze through four high-quality, verified projects that align with the Oxford Principles for Aligned Net Zero Carbon Offsetting. As a member of the Tech Zero coalition of companies, Staze is also committed to achieving net zero in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative’s Net Zero Standard.

Staze is on a mission to shine a light on the hotels that are (and aren’t) tackling their carbon footprint to help accelerate the decarbonisation of the hotel industry. By sharing the actual carbon footprint of hotels around the world, Staze is applying pressure on the hotel industry to set their own net zero targets and reduce their carbon footprint.

Here’s how we meet Race to Zero’s 5P criteria:

Pledge: At Staze, we have pledged to achieve net zero in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative Net Zero Standard by 2028, well ahead of the goal of 2050. We have set science-based short-term and long-term targets to reduce our carbon footprint, and we have already reduced our absolute emissions by 70% from our baseline year. Our targets cover all greenhouse gas emissions, including scopes 1, 2, and 3, and as a growing organisation, our net zero target is based on a 97% reduction in tCO2e per full-time equivalent (FTE).

Proceed: We are proceeding by taking immediate action to reduce our carbon footprint year on year. We have created a net zero action plan that outlines specific categories of emissions we are targeting and the actions we plan to take to reduce our carbon footprint. We are taking immediate action through all available pathways towards achieving net zero, and we are prioritising emissions-intensive areas.

Publish: We are publishing our progress against both interim and longer-term targets, as well as the actions we are taking, annually. We are reporting progress in and beyond our value chain or territory, and we are allocating resources to achieve our targets.

Persuade: Lastly, we are persuading others to join us on the Race to Zero through the work Staze does. We are committed to driving industry change and decarbonising the hotel industry by promoting and advocating for the adoption of sustainable practices across the sector. We hope to develop a new platform specifically to support hotels to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint.

Read Staze’s 2022 sustainability report here



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