A month of action: Race to Zero’s July highlights

By Climate Champions | August 14, 2023

During the last month, Race to Zero has onboarded two new Accelerators from Environmental Defence Fund and Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) Chile.

Race to Zero also attended a retreat in Findhorn, entitled, The Race to Regulation. During that time, we delved further into the question on how we can build from the groundswell of voluntary action, into ground-rules for the economy and whether the Global Stocktake presents an opportunity for momentum behind an enhanced climate policy and regulatory environment around the world.


SME Climate Hub shares more on their recently launched reporting tool in this article here. As Director Pamela Jouven notes, “Emissions reporting and reduction, therefore, becomes essential not only to stay in line with new legislation but to protect against business risks and remain competitive.”

Under2 Coalition and New Climate Institute has published research on the powers and capacities of state and regional governments to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. The research found that states and regions have significant financial and regulatory hard powers, particularly in federal and more decentralized countries. This allows them to undertake ambitious climate action on their own or in conjunction with the national level. The powers were strongest in the agriculture, buildings, and transport sectors.

Cities Race to Zero Partner, C40’s CEO Mark Watts was recently featured in Outrage and Optimism podcast (with co-host and previous Race to Zero Manager, Fi Macklin), ‘Lifelines vs. deadlines’, discussing the role of cities in shaping the future of climate policy. C40 has also launched a ‘Green and Thriving Cities Neighbourhood pilot project’ which will help city practitioners around the world to exchange knowledge and collaborate on people-centred, low-carbon neighbourhood approaches.

Race to Zero Universities and Colleges continues to mobilize a number of universities around the world to join the Race to Zero, with 1173 institutions now involved.

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Race to Zero is thrilled to welcome two new Accelerators, CLG Chile and EDF’s Net Zero Action Accelerator. Learn more about their work accelerating net zero action:

CLG Chile was formed in 2009, and is made up of 25 leading climate action companies in Chile. Its objective is to influence public policies; support the design of instruments that facilitate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy; and seek to maintain a favourable space for business to generate and attract development opportunities for Chile. Race to Zero is pleased to be working with CLG Chile to further regionalize the campaign in Latin America.

Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Net Zero Action Accelerator turns corporate pledges into climate action. Bringing cutting-edge science, policy, and economic expertise, we arm leading companies and their value chains with the resources and capacity to act on their net zero goals. The Net Zero Action Accelerator aims to transform the way business operates, galvanizing action and accelerating progress towards an equitable net zero economy by mid-century. Race to Zero is thrilled to continue its existing close relationship with EDF!

Accelerator Net Zero Pakistan held a CEO Dialogue in collaboration with Inditex to mark the exciting launch of a series of CEO Dialogues initiated by Net Zero Pakistan. The event brought together C-suite executives from the textile sector in Pakistan and provided them with an exclusive platform to share insights on their transition towards net zero.

Positive Impact is proud to have been a UN SDG Action mobiliser for over 5 years and this September, the UN SDG Action Campaign will mobilize millions of people around the world to take action. Positive Impacts 48 hour online event ‘Unite to Act’ on September 18th will provide content on industry best practices, resources and education on event sustainability with guest speakers and live sessions from our Global Community of Ambassadors of which we are proud to have around 1,800 members. To register for this event please follow this link: Unite to Act If you are interested in providing content please email charlie@positive-impact-events.com for more information.  

Upcoming events

Giki is hosting their first webinar for Race to Zero members interested in joining the Employee Race to Zero on Aug 30, at 2-2.30pm. Please sign up and share with your organisations, members and businesses interested in racing towards their climate transition plans!

For information about the events the Climate Champions’ team are engaged in, you can find this here.

A key priority for Race to Zero is regionalization. We would like to hear from you if you plan to engage in the upcoming regional climate weeks and to discuss opportunities to collaborate. Please contact Karim Ehab Salah.


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