Everything you need to know about the Race to Zero in June

By Climate Champions | July 7, 2023

The Race to Zero continues to make significant progress, with a current membership of over 11,000 members. Among these members are 9,759 companies (8,821 of which are SMEs), 49 states and regions, 1,148 cities, 617 financial institutions, 1,146 educational institutions, 78 healthcare institutions, and 67 other organizations.

Each of these actors represent a different sector of the global economy that is striving to reach net zero by 2050 at the very latest. A major sector within this, responsible for approximately 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions and 50% of all extracted materials, is the Built Environment.

We’re excited to announce that 20% of the major actors within this sector have pledged their commitment to the Race to Zero. 20% is seen as a tipping point because systemic change is not linear, but exponential. This achievement signifies the sector’s trajectory towards its “2030 Breakthrough Outcome.” Under this outcome, all projects scheduled for completion in 2030 and beyond will operate with net zero emissions and incorporate at least 40% less embodied carbon compared to today’s standards. Find out more here.

Find out who’s in the Race

This month, Race to Zero celebrated our third anniversary by opening London Climate Action Week with our event, The Race is On: Net Zero for Climate Action. We used this opportunity to reflect on what the campaign has achieved in the last three years, particularly in mobilizing net zero pledges from over 11,000 non-state actors in over 115 countries.

Race to Zero’s community also looked forward to where the campaign should focus next, with discussions centering on accelerating delivery and activating net zero aligned policy and regulation. Thank you to those who spoke or contributed to our London Climate Action Week flagship event. You can read or share our post on the event here.


This month also marked the launch of ‘the 5th P Handbook’, and our UN Climate Change High-Level Champions calling on all non-state actors to align their advocacy, policy and engagement with a just transition to net zero. The Handbook itself is a product of radical collaboration, helping Race to Zero’s Partners and members to implement the 5th P (Persuade). You can read the call to action and download the Handbook here.


During London Climate Action week, we zeroed in on the topic of net zero policy and regulation at our ‘Road to Regulation Roundtable’. The Rt Hon Chris Skidmore, author of the United Kingdom’s independent review on net zero, opened the event, followed by discussions on key areas of regulation (with support of research from Oxford Net Zero) and solutions for collaboration, such as a Net Zero Regulation Taskforce (recommendation #10, HLEG report). Thank you to our keynotes Manuel Pulgar-Vidal and David Shukman, and all those who participated. If you want to be involved further, please reach out to Tessa Vincent.

Conversations around accountability, integrity and momentum continue. This month, Race to Zero hosted a Roundtable with finance experts, NGOs and funders to exchange ideas on these topics .

Finally, Race to Zero is thrilled to have on-boarded our first ever Youth Fellow, Karim Ehab Salah this month. Karim is based in Egypt, and will be working on how we regionalise the Race to Zero campaign. If you have suggestions for Karim, please get in touch.

Partner and Accelerator news

The Race to Zero campaign is proud to announce that the Exchange Group, a part of the Net Zero Financial Service Providers Alliance (NZFSPA), has become our latest official partner. We are pleased to welcome the Exchange Group and their commitment to supporting a sustainable, net-zero economy.

Science Based Targets initiative has launched a number of consultations, including beyond value chain mitigation and three financial sector resources. You can read more about how to contribute to these consultations here.

C40, a Cities Race to Zero Partner, has launched a new fund for cities to deliver inclusive and transformative climate action. The Inclusive Climate Action Cities Fund (ICA Fund) will support science-driven, locally led climate initiatives in cities around the world, starting with Bogotá, Dar es Salaam, Los Angeles, Quezon City, Vancouver and Warsaw.

Comunidad #PorElClima hosted an event with the Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC) on June 21st announcing their new role as an Accelerator of the campaign alongside Race to Zero members Iberdrola, Caixa, BBVA and Race to Zero Global Ambassador Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir and Campaigns Director Ramiro Fernandez.

This month, Giki and Race to Zero teamed up to launch the ‘Employee Race to Zero’. The Employee Race to Zero is a new initiative for the 8,300 member companies of the Race to Zero who need to educate and engage their employees on sustainability. The Employee Race to Zero recognises that employees at organisations have a powerful role in driving solutions to address climate change.

CAFA and Race to Zero (Tessa Vincent) contributed to a panel at the Trade Association Forum’s conference on climate leadership, and net zero aligned advocacy. You can read more about CAFA’s work with trade associations in the 5th P Handbook, and this blog here.

Do you know how to align your engagement with the goal of halving emissions by 2030? Positive Impact Events suggests using their sustainable events platform to identify credible actions to take so your meetings, AGMs, exhibitions, sponsorships and more advance your Race to Zero commitment.


Race to Zero also showed up at Reset Connect at London Climate Action Week. Our ‘Businesses Leading the Race to Zero’ event showcased the progress of Race to Zero and its 8,000 businesses, while also sharing with businesses how they can go further and faster in their journey to net zero with Race to Zero’s Acceleration Manager (Jane Eisenhardt), Business Partner Planet Mark and business members of the Race to Zero Forster Communications and L SAHA to be inspired by their journey to halving emissions by 2030.

Race to Zero is mapping out our events calendar for the year, particularly in terms of how we engage with Regional Climate Weeks. Please get in touch with our Youth Fellow (Karim Ehab Salah) if you want to partner, or have suggestions.


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