COP28 Presidency champions clean energy transitions with new initiative

The Energy Transition Changemakers initiative seeks innovative projects to help expedite the pivot to clean power. Targeting renewables, efficiency, heavy emitters, and hydrogen sectors, it aims to pool expertise and drive impactful energy transitions. By Climate Champions | September 15, 2023

In light of escalating global emissions and the power sector accounting for over 30% of them, there’s an urgent need to address where we get our energy from and how we consume it. With an anticipated twofold increase in electricity consumption by 2050 we must triple renewable energy capacity to at least 11,000 GW by 2030, ina line with the 2030 Clean Power Breakthrough.

With this in mind, the COP28 Presidency has introduced the Energy Transition Changemakers initiative, designed to catalyze collaboration, facilitating the formation of future-oriented energy systems. The initiative will gather leading projects, pooling expertise to achieve decarbonization and advance substantive climate action.

The ETC aims to harness private sector collaboration to roll out impactful decarbonization projects worldwide, spotlighting pragmatic solutions that spur the energy transition.

The COP28 Presidency invites projects from across the globe, whether in development or already operational, that have navigated challenges with innovative solutions or strategies. These projects should exhibit potential for replication and scaling, with the aim of propelling an equitable energy transition with broad societal benefits.

Scope and eligibility: Projects spanning the following sectors are encouraged to submit:

  1. Renewables & Clean Power: Prioritizing the evolution and integration of renewable energy.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Targeting optimized and efficient energy use.
  3. Heavy Emitting Sectors: Strategies for transitioning carbon-heavy industries.
  4. Low-carbon Hydrogen: Harnessing hydrogen’s potential as a sustainable energy resource.

All organizations, irrespective of size and from any location, are eligible to participate. The initiative seeks a varied mix of projects, reflecting diverse approaches and solutions from different corners of the world.

Those interested in contributing to this initiative can apply here.

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