The Yearbook of Global Climate Action

By Climate Champions | November 8, 2022

This Yearbook of Global Climate Action, the sixth of the series, reviews the state and scope of global climate action in 2022. It outlines what is needed to accelerate sectoral systems transformation, features case studies of real-world climate action projects, highlights some key global climate action topics – particularly regionalization and accountability – and presents the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions’ contribution to these issues. It also highlights what needs to be achieved in 2023, particularly with regard to the Global Stocktake and the work being done on implementing the improved Marrakech Partnership.

Read the full report here.


COP27: Day 10

Across the two weeks, non-State actors offered a wide range of actions, announcements, and events across thematic areas. This included the launch of the African Cities Water Adaptation Fund, an African-led insurance commitment to provide cover for up to USD 14 billion in climate losses, and the Sharm-El-Sheik Adaptation Agenda in partnership with the COP27 Presidency.


Africa’s role in decarbonizing the planet

Africa can lead the world in limiting emissions, drive climate restoration and orient Africa towards its strengths which translate into major new segments of economic opportunity, writes Jack Kimani, Founding CEO of the Climate Action Platform for Africa (CAP-A).