ReverdeC: The initiative aiming to grow 1.5 million trees a year to restore river basins in Valle del Cauca, Colombia

By Climate Champions | March 13, 2023

Location & Region: Valle del Cauca, Colombia / South America

Partner: Initiative 20×20

Implementers: CELSIA, National environmental institutions

Area and sector: Rural / Restoration, Nature-Based Solutions

The climate crisis is intensifying natural phenomena like El Niño, causing higher chances of drought. In Colombia, climate change and el Niño have already shown its potential devastating effects. In 2015, Colombia experienced an El Niño event that brought more intense drought and, with it, water scarcity concerns in the Valle del Cauca region. Out of the urgency to protect water resources and increase the resilience of local communities from the region, the ReverdeC program was created.

ReverdeC is a restoration investment program established by Colombian energy company, Celsia, with the goal of planting ten million trees by 2025. It’s become part of the Initiative 20X20, a partner to the Race to Resilience.

The program focuses on restoring watersheds with native trees in order to improve water availability, quality and filtration, reconnect forest corridors and protect biodiversity. It’s seen as a win-win program as it both protects the area’s water supply and provides a range of benefits and ecosystem services to the surrounding communities.

Working hand in hand with local governmental institutions and NGOs, ReverdeC has started working on restoring eight hydrographic basins in the region. The program directly involves the local community in the restoration process, using local labour, for example, to ensure support and ownership, crucial for the program’s long-term success and sustainability.

In 2021, two nurseries were stablished in Valle del Cauca with the capacity to produce up to 1.5 million trees year. Already, 2 millions trees have been planted.

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