Race to Zero: May Roundup

By Race to Zero | June 7, 2023

As of now, Race to Zero comprises a network of over 12,000 members committed to the same overarching goal: reducing emissions, across all scopes, swiftly and fairly in line with the Paris Agreement, with transparent action plans and robust near-term targets.

Discover more about them via our interactive dashboard.

The main emphasis for the Race to Zero team this month continues to be working closely with our partners to catalyze significant voluntary actions throughout the economy.

Team growth

We had the pleasure this month of welcoming Tessa Ferry to the Race to Zero.  Tessa will be responsible for overseeing the campaign and leading the dynamic team to continue to deliver our key strategic priorities.  Tessa brings with her a wealth of international climate experience to this role. Prior to joining the Champions Team in 2022, she worked as Head of International Climate Change for the Scottish Government, leading preparations for COP26, including partnering on the first multi-level action pavilion focused on the role of states, regions and cities, and overseeing the delivery of the world’s first loss and damage funding announcement. As part of this role, Tessa oversaw the decision for Scotland to become a first mover to join the Race to Zero. Her role also included running the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice programme and supporting the integration of climate justice principles in net zero legislation.

In addition to Tessa, we are proud to have a dynamic team continuing to spearhead our campaign, including Tessa Vincent (Policy & Engagement Lead), Jane Eisenhardt (Acceleration and Engagement Manager), and Saurabh Jain (Expert Peer Review Group Manager). We are currently looking to expand our team by hiring a Finance Associate and a Youth Fellow.

Partners and Accelerators



  • We are delighted to welcome Accelerator Digizen from Taiwan to Race to Zero. As an innovative NGO, Digizen fosters connections across society and industry to achieve ESG and net zero goals.
  • Net Zero Pakistan has launched their comprehensive Net Zero Toolkit, which guides businesses in their journey towards net zero goals.
  • The Community Impact Challenge has initiated the StartNOW Challenge, encouraging climate impactivists to deepen their understanding of climate change and take decisive actions to reduce their carbon footprints.
  • The Corporate Leaders Group has launched three insightful reports this month, highlighting various aspects of decarbonisation:

– Market driven decarbonisation: The role of demand-led innovation in supporting emission reductions in foundation industries.

– Business Briefing: The New Power Couple: Decarbonising economies via renewable electricity and storage innovations

– Policy briefing: Circular Savings – Business perspectives on energy savings through circular practices

This year, Race to Zero is actively welcoming Accelerators capable of making the campaign and net zero goals more relatable worldwide. If you are a regional or country-based Accelerator, particularly in developing and emerging economies, willing to contribute to Race to Zero’s mission of halving global emissions by 2030, kindly review our website and apply here.

Expert Peer Review Group

Manjyot Kaur Ahluwalia, Ph.D., a member of the Expert Peer Review Group, recently spoke at a panel discussion on ‘Food Loss and Waste as a Climate Strategy,’ emphasizing the crucial role of addressing these emissions as a strategic method to enhance livelihoods, health, productivity, and environmental justice. You can find out about Climate Champions’ Food Breakthroughs here.

Other relevant updates relevant to the Expert Peer Review Group and Partner updates are here.

Upcoming events

We are delighted to invite you to “The Race is On: Net Zero & Nature Positive for Climate Action” at The Conduit, London, as part of London Climate Action Week on Monday, 26 June. This event is organised by The Climate Champions Team and Race to Zero, along with our Partners. Spaces are limited, with priority for Race to Zero’s Partners and Accelerators, but you can register here.

Additionally, Race to Zero is a proud partner for the Climate Innovation Forum during London Climate Action Week. At the Climate Innovation Forum, Race to Zero will be hosting a Roundtable discussion on ‘The Road to Regulation’. If you are interested in attending, please get in touch with Tessa Vincent at tessavincent@climatechampions.team.

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