New initiative to unlock mass finance for farming resilience

By Climate Champions | September 7, 2021

Our current food production systems thrive on nature and the services it provides. But these same systems are now challenging the stability of nature and are significantly contributing to climate change.

Of the $700bn in subsidies which farmers and fishers receive each year, just 1% is used to benefit the environment. The rest goes towards intensive, industrial production systems which support conversion of nature, overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, and monocultures and limited agrobiodiversity.

Imagine if this money was redirected and invested in regenerative agriculture that supports both nature, a stable climate, and livelihoods.

We have begun the countdown to the last opportunities to make changes which will allow us to feed the world within planetary boundaries; there are just nine harvests left between now and 2030. This is the year in which we need to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Rising to this challenge is Scale for Resilience, a new initiative aimed at unlocking the capital needed to finance nature based solutions at scale.

The initiative, which launches on September 14, forms part of UNFCCC’s Race to Resilience campaign and contributes to its overarching goal of making 4 billion people more resilient by 2030.

Building climate resilience in rural communities is crucial to ensuring we all have diverse and healthy food on our plates.

The initiative has been formed by CCAFS, the Alliance of Biodiversity International and CIAT, YAPU Solutions and GAWA Capital. Together, they will work with investors and microfinance institutions to create science-based financial innovations for local adaptation.

The idea is to leverage digital solutions to help understand smallholder’s productive needs in the context of climate change, and address them by financing suitable nature based solutions

The ultimate goal for the initiative is to make to make 3 million smallholder farmers and rural communities more resilient by 2030.

The launch event will see contributions by, among others: High Level Climate Champion for COP25, Gonzalo Muñoz; Senior Climate Change Specialist, The GEF, Jason Spensley; regional programme leader, CIAT, Deissy Martínez Baron; Co-Founder and Co-CEO, GAWA Capital, Luca Torre; Founder and CEO, YAPU Solutions, Christoph Jungfleisch.

(M)FIs, investors and facilitators of all kinds are invited to join, united in the spirit that climate smart finance is the future if we want to unlock capital for local adaptation.

Scale for Resilience is the only initiative in the Race to Resilience that targets the full financial value chain and unlocks capital for adaptation of the most vulnerable, for example smallholder farmers and rural communities. It aims to leverage its power to use the potential of nature-based adaptation measures at scale throughout the UN Decade of action.

Hear all about the approach, as well as opportunities arising from it, at the virtual launch event (in Spanish) on September 14 from 4:30pm – 6:00pm CET (9:30am EC / COL / MEX)

To register, please click here.

Spanish text

El 14 de septiembre de 2021 tendrá lugar el evento de lanzamiento de nuestra iniciativa Scale for Resilience.

Scale for Resilience forma parte de la Carrera hacia la Resiliencia de la CMNUCC y contribuye a sus objetivos generales de hacer que 4.000 millones de personas sean más resilientes para 2030. El desarrollo de la resiliencia climática en las comunidades rurales es crucial para garantizar la existencia de alimentos diversos y saludables en nuestros platos. La variabilidad climática está exacerbando las causas fundamentales de la desigualdad y la pobreza.

Por lo tanto, ¡debemos ser ambiciosos! Por eso, CCAFS, la Alianza de Bioversity Internacional y el CIAT, YAPU Solutions y GAWA Capital han creado Scale for Resilience. Nuestro objetivo es abordar toda la cadena de valor financiera y desbloquear el capital necesario para financiar las soluciones basadas en la naturaleza a escala, aprovechando las soluciones digitales. Trabajaremos con inversores e instituciones de microfinanzas para crear innovaciones financieras basadas en la ciencia para la adaptación local.

Escuche todo sobre el enfoque así como las oportunidades que surgen de él en el evento de lanzamiento virtual en idioma español el 14 de septiembre de 4:30pm – 6:00pm CET (9:30am EC / COL / MEX).



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