Agriculture 1.5

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | August 4, 2021

Initiative overview. The Agriculture 1.5 platform, set up by the WBCSD in 2020, supports food and agriculture businesses to reduce GHG emissions and improve climate resiliency at the production level.Specifically, Agriculture 1.5 aims to: Increase farmers capacity to regenerate soil health; Increase investment for farmers to change to climate resilient production practices; Increase producer participation in system change discussions.

Benefits: Companies benefit from access to knowledge sharing and pre-competitive workshops that seek to increase value chain resiliency –  collaborating across 26 members including Cargill, Kelloggs, Olam, Syngenta and Rabobank. Also get access to scientists and input into policy advocacy groups.

Geographic coverage: Various

Suitable for: Businesses

Case studies: Agriculture for 1.5 ran knowledge sharing webinars – the Soil Carbon Market dialogues — bringing the producers’ voice into the discussion on how soil carbon markets can best help them to improve farm productivity and resilience.

How to join: Companies can either join WBCSD or become a project member through Scaling Positive Agriculture project. Fees apply. Contracts are for a year, renewing annually. From December 2022, members of WBCSD are also expected to meet certain social and environmental criteria including having a climate target.

Website: Agriculture 1.5

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