A global commitment to act now

Climate Week NYC, taking place 17-24 September, steps onto the global stage as a pivotal gathering, which we are proud, once again, to support. Working in tandem with Non-Party Stakeholders (NPS), we continue to seek to raise ambition and spur climate action.

NPS, with their deep-rooted commitment and ground-breaking initiatives, have emerged as central figures in the climate conversation. Their collaborative efforts with governments and the broader climate community will be in the spotlight, echoing the core message of the event’s theme, “We Can. We Will.”

New York City, as always, stands as a beacon of change and innovation. With the city’s diverse tapestry of events, both in-person and online, Climate Week NYC promises to be an incubator for transformative ideas, brought to life by business magnates, political leaders, and civil society advocates.

Our core objectives for the week:

  1. Measuring Progress: Recognizing the joint efforts of NPS and governments towards 2030 decarbonization goals, with an emphasis on the need for further action.
  2. Adaptation and Resilience: Celebrating milestones since the Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda’s inception, focusing on Adaptation action across systems, Finance and Loss and Damage, with leadership from Race to Resilience.
  3. Investing in Nature: Showcasing the invaluable role of nature in our climate goals, from halting deforestation to revolutionizing food systems.
  4. Net Zero Leadership: Highlighting the pivotal role NPS play in driving policy and regulation as part of the Race to Zero.
  5. Empowerment and Inclusion: Prioritizing the engagement of women and Indigenous communities, ensuring their voices are amplified and resources flow abundantly.

From its emerging green sectors to its commitment to inclusivity, Climate Week NYC invites you to be part of a journey that shapes not only the city’s but the world’s cleaner, fairer and resilient future.

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