Healthy societies, robust economies

Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023 (APCW 2023) convenes in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, from 13-17 November, uniting stakeholders across the region to accelerate climate action. Set against the backdrop of the Global Stocktake at COP28, APCW 2023, hosted by the Government of Johor, aims to translate the Paris Agreement into tangible progress.

Split across four “tracks”: energy, infrastructure, natural resources, and resilient societies, the week promises a dynamic program:

  • Energy systems and technology: APCW will highlight how the Asia-Pacific region is harnessing innovative technologies and fostering just, inclusive energy transitions. Expect the launch of initiatives aimed at leveraging carbon markets and unveiling strategies for secure and sustainable energy futures.
  • Cities, urban & rural settlements, infrastructure & transport: Discussions will centre on transformative actions in urban and rural environments, with a focus on sustainable transport and infrastructure. Breakthroughs in policy and practice will be showcased, aiming to redefine the region’s approach to resilient and smart city planning.
  • Land, ocean, food & water: Stakeholders will delve into the bio-economy’s potential, examining how Nature-based Solutions can bolster climate resilience, enhance food security, and protect vital water resources. The aim is to carve out pathways that safeguard the region’s diverse ecosystems while promoting sustainable development.
  • Societies, health, livelihoods & economies: The week will explore the intersection of climate action with societal wellbeing, highlighting how a circular economy for critical minerals and other initiatives can drive both ecological and economic health in Asia-Pacific communities.

With over 300 speakers and 2,000 delegates participating in more than 200 sessions and 100 exhibitions, APCW 2023 will be a critical platform for collaboration, sharing insights, and showcasing actionable solutions in the region.

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