Built Environment: A month in review

This month we’re changing gears slightly to offer you a retrospective glance at three significant events in which our Built Environment team participated.  By Climate Champions | July 7, 2023

In a landmark month that celebrated the commitment of 20% of major actors in the Built Environment sector to the Race to Zero, our dedicated team has been working hard around the globe, leading conversations, panel discussions, and keynote speeches.

Net Zero International Conference: A focus on Egypt’s green future

The Net Zero International Conference took place from 26-28 May in Cairo, Egypt. UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP28, H.E. Razan Al Mubarak delivered a pre-recorded keynote speech and Climate Champions’ Global Ambassador, Sarah El Battouty participated in a panel discussion, “Initiatives to Pave the Way Towards Net Zero”.


El Battouty, founder of ECOnsult (a Race to Zero signatory through SME Climate Hub), shared her company’s journey towards net zero, presenting a fascinating case study on the “First Green Community in Egypt.” Watch her insightful panel discussion below:


World Circular Economy Forum and GlobalABC General Assembly: Building Breakthrough

Between 30 May – 2 June, the World Circular Economy Forum and GlobalABC General Assembly took place in Helsinki, Finland, and virtually. Built Environment Lead, Will Wild, participated in a Building Breakthrough panel discussion.

The dialogue emphasized deep collaboration, addressed current gaps and barriers to country engagement, and explored the Breakthrough Agenda report’s initial recommendations. The team also deliberated the role of Governments and initiatives in advancing targets.

EmiratesGBC Annual Congress: Illuminating the Pathway to COP28

Finally, on 8 June, Alida Saleh, Senior Advisor to the Climate Champions’ Built Environment team, participated in a fireside chat at the EmiratesGBC Annual Congress in Dubai, UAE. The conversation, titled “Pathway to COP28,” was a highlight of the event. Saleh and Habiba Al Marashi, Co-Founder and Treasurer of EmiratesGBC, discussed the pathway to net zero, addressing the challenges and opportunities non-state actors face throughout the journey and necessary next steps. Watch the full
 conversation below:


Race to Zero

Google CSO Kate Brandt: In 2023, terms like “carbon footprint”, “charging station” and “solar energy” reached all-time highs

Google Chief Sustainability Officer, Kate Brandt explains why a CSO’s daily work is no longer simply confined to decarbonizing a businesses. For Google this means empowering individuals, businesses, organizations and governments with quality information through products and platforms, and by helping drive systems change to accelerate climate action.