Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP)

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | August 4, 2021

Initiative overview: Launched at the UN Climate Action Summit in September 2019, the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP) brings together an unprecedented range of stakeholders across the climate, development and humanitarian communities with the aim of making 1 billion people safer from disaster by 2025.

Benefits: By joining REAP, partners gain access to a global network of expertise to support their work across the full value chain of Early Warning – Early Action interventions. REAP provides partners with a platform to showcase their achievements and profile their commitments. It facilitates the exchange of knowledge and solutions and fosters greater collaboration and new partnerships by bringing together the capacities of the climate, development, meteorological and humanitarian communities.

Geographies: TBC

Suitable for: Businesses, civil society, financial institutions and governments.

How to join: Any country, organization or initiative may join the Partnership, if it shares REAP’s ambition for making 1 billion people safer from disasters and identifies actions or makes commitments towards achieving REAP’s targets. Prospective partners are invited to write a brief letter of intent to the REAP Secretariat confirming their desire to join and identifying actions and commitments that contribute to the achievement of REAP’s targets. The Letter of Intent template can be found on the REAP website here. There is no fee for joining the partnership.

Website: https://www.early-action-reap.org/

Contact Name / Email: Ben Webster / Ben.Webster@ifrc.org