Healthcare Without Harm

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | June 30, 2021

Health Care Without Harm works to transform health care worldwide so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice.

Through its Health Care Climate Challenge initiative and Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network, Health Care Without provides health care institutions with a suite of tools and resources to support them in measuring their carbon footprint and implementing strategies and programs to achieve net zero. With members spread across 79 countries, Health Care Without Harm creates a global community focused on collaboration and learning to accelerate the transformation of the health care sector.

64 health care institutions, ranging from provincial health departments to private health systems to public hospitals, representing the interests of over 14,000 hospitals and health centres in 22 countries have joined Race to Zero through Health Care Without Harm.

To join Race to Zero through Health Care Without Harm, visit: or contact