Race to Zero January Bulletin

By Climate Champions | January 30, 2023

Race to Zero used 2022 to shift focus from targets to implementation; from ambition to activation. We are proud of the campaign’s many achievements and the global momentum on net zero, stemming from the work of 25 Partners, and 22 Accelerators and supported by our Expert Peer Review Group, consisting of ~15x experts across multiple fields. Ahead of COP27, the campaign looked to demonstrate how it delivered on this shift, especially with its first Progress Report.

In 2023, our attention turns to supporting the implementation of robust net zero criteria, driving systems transformation, and activating policy. In June 2023, the Race to Zero updated criteria will come into force. We’re excited to share our 2023 work plan with four priorities: accelerating delivery, transparently tracking progress, activating policy and regionalisation.

To date, 52 regions, 1122 cities, 7552 companies, 1114 educational institutions, 555 financial institutions, over 3,000 hospitals from 63 healthcare institutions and 24 “other” institutions are in the Race to Zero. For more information, please click here.


Momentum continues to grow 

Race to Zero membership has almost doubled since September 2021, with a 30% increase in Asia-Pacific representation since July this year, thanks to the efforts of Partners and Accelerators.

Members are taking action globally 

Our first Progress Report shows that Partners are supporting their members in stepping up to their climate commitments across all corners of the world. These actions show alignment with the 5 ‘P’s of Race to Zero criteria, from corporates and financial institutions, to cities and regions and to wineries and universities. Our actions at COP27 also show delivery on net zero, and we’re looking forward to continuing activating delivery in 2023 and collecting case studies.

Race to Zero further clarifies net zero integrity 

This year, the campaign carried out its third criteria consultation process – supported by the Expert Peer Review Group and bringing together over 200 contributors, to clarify requirements for setting robust net zero targets – including the critical introduction of a 5th ‘P’ on Persuade. With this, we also published the Pivot Point report, calling on net zero aligned policy, standards and regulation, building from the groundswell of voluntary action into new ground-rules for the global economy.


We need to track progress and collectively strengthen accountability more transparently 

As member numbers continue to expand, the campaign – with its Partners – must continue to enhance accountability mechanisms. We need more consistent and widespread tracking to demonstrate campaign progress and to identify key obstacles to racing to zero. Increased efforts on this front compliment recommendations from the High-Level Expert Group on Net Zero’s Report, Integrity Matters.

We need to continue helping Race to Zero resonate globally and locally 

Although the campaign is already present in 116 countries, Race to Zero needs to understand how it can best add value and resonate locally in regions currently under-represented in our campaign. We need to do this in a way that is inclusive while also recognising fair share, equity and justice considerations in halving global emissions by 2030.

We need to support and accelerate delivery against these criteria to drive systems change 

The campaign, with its Partners, has succeeded in setting standards for best practice in net zero commitments globally; now, it faces the challenge – and exciting opportunity – to support Partners and members in reducing emissions at speed and scale and to highlight those leading the race.


Race to Zero has an exciting Work Plan for 2023 across four key priorities: 

Race to Zero Team updates 

Future newsletters

Race to Zero will be releasing a monthly bulletin in 2023 to complement Climate Champions’ regular newsletter. Beyond Race to Zero updates, we also want to showcase Partner and Accelerator updates. If you wish to be spotlighted in future bulletins, email: charlotteob@climatechampions.team and CC: tessavincent@climatechampions.team

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