What if one of the key solutions to fighting climate change was in our ocean?

By Global Wind Energy Council | June 8, 2021

On World Ocean Day 2021, the global wind industry has been joined by a growing coalition of voices calling for governments to urgently raise their offshore wind ambitions.

The magnitude of the challenge is matched by the magnitude of opportunity. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), there is enough offshore wind resource globally to meet the world’s entire electricity demand today – 18 times over. Using current technology, the World Bank estimates around 71,000 GW of fixed and floating offshore wind potential worldwide. With only 35 GW installed today, that means we have barely scratched the surface of offshore wind’s potential.

We need higher targets, bold visions, concrete policy frameworks and open dialogues which recognise offshore wind as a key ocean-based solution to climate change. With less than six months to go until COP26, there is no better time than now for governments to step up and seize the enormous benefits of offshore wind.

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