We Mean Business

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | June 30, 2021

We Mean Business is a global nonprofit coalition working with the world’s most influential businesses to take action on climate change. Together we catalyze business leadership to drive policy ambition and accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy.

Its mission is to ensure that the world economy is on track to avoid dangerous climate change while delivering sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

 Theory of Change


The zero-carbon transition is underway and forward-looking businesses are harnessing climate action as a driver of innovation, competitiveness, risk management and growth.

We Mean Business is mobilizing businesses to set ambitious targets and equipping them to seize the opportunities of the zero-carbon transition. Hundreds of businesses have helped kick-start this transition by setting science-based emissions reduction targets and taking action to deliver against those targets by committing to transition to 100% renewable power.

But it is not happening fast enough. The necessary speed and scale of the transition requires all companies and sectors to engage proactively to reduce emissions at the rate required to avoid dangerous climate change. Which is why the coalition is working together to catalyze further, faster corporate climate action.

For more information, please visit: https://www.wemeanbusinesscoalition.org/about/