The Climate Group

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | June 30, 2021

The Climate Group drives climate action. Fast. Our goal is a world of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with greater prosperity for all. We focus on systems with the highest emissions and where our networks have the greatest opportunity to drive change. We do this by building large and influential networks and holding organisations accountable, turning their commitments into action. We share what we achieve together to show more organisations what they could do. We are an international non-profit organisation, founded in 2004, with offices in London, New Delhi and New York. We are proud to be part of the We Mean Business coalition. Follow us on Twitter @ClimateGroup.

The Under2 Coalition

The Climate Group is the Secretariat to the Under2 Coalition, which is a group of ambitious state and regional governments committed to keeping global temperature rises to well below 2°C. The coalition is made up of more than 220 governments which represent over 1.3 billion people and 43% of the global economy. Follow us on Twitter via @ClimateGroup or by searching under the hashtag #Under2Coalition.

Under2 Coalition and Race to Zero

As the state and regional partner to the Race to Zero, the Under2 Coalition is working to ensure that individual states and regions are net zero leaders in their own right, and that they meet the following minimum criteria to be included in the Race to Zero.

Starting from June 2021, any state, region, province or prefecture wanting to join the Race to Zero is required to:

  • Pledge at the head of state/regional government level to reach net zero GHG emissions as soon as possible, and by 2050 at the latest, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5C. They must also set an interim target to achieve by 2030, reflecting maximum effort towards or beyond a fair share of the 50% global reduction in CO2 by 2030.
  • Plan (by COP26 or within 12 months of joining the Race to Zero) for how net zero targets will be achieved and which actions will be taken – including for achieving interim targets by 2030).
  • Proceed in taking immediate action, including by developing long term 2050 pathways and policy shifts in different economic sectors. The Under2 Coalition’s Net Zero Futures Initiative (for members and non-members) and the Under2 Coalition’s Pathways Accelerator (for members only) can support states and regions in undertaking action immediately.
  • Publish data annually on progress to net zero, to a platform such as the Under2 Coalition’s Ambition Tracker (which feeds into the Global Climate Action Portal), including progress against 2050 and 2030 targets).

Net Zero Futures

26 members of the Under2 Coalition are already part of the Race to Zero campaign and the Coalition is working with many more states and regions to mobilize greater leadership.

As Secretariat to the Under2 Coalition, the Climate Group recently kicked off the Net Zero Futures Initiative in partnership with the Scottish Government and Bloomberg Philanthropies, to support more state and regional governments on their journey to net zero.

Net Zero Futures connects Under2 Coalition members with existing net zero targets with states and regions interested in increasing their ambition to:

  • Participate in peer learning activities to demystify net zero
  • Share learnings and challenges
  • Empower states and regions to join the Race to Zero campaign

A dedicated Net Zero Leaders Group will demonstrate how ambitious targets and can be set – and achieved – and support other states and regions in making progress in their own jurisdictions.

Decarbonisation Pathways

One useful way to help governments set – and meet – net zero targets is through developing decarbonisation pathways. A pathway gives state and regional governments choice, so that they can make informed decisions on the best ways to reduce emissions while addressing interconnected social, economic, and environmental issues related to or exacerbated by the climate crisis.

The Climate Group recently created a nine step framework for governments to follow as part of this process as well as a short animation that we are using as part of our projects.