The Climakers

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | August 4, 2021

Initiative overview: The Climakers is an initiative born under the name ‘Farmers Driven Climate Change Agenda’. It was conceived by the farmers as a multi-stakeholder alliance proposing solutions to climate change that are farmer-driven, science-based and result-oriented. The initiative aims to propose pragmatic solutions to climate change that are based on existing best practices that farmers and their partners in the food value chain are implementing to adapt to the impacts of a rapidly changing climate, enhancing their resilience capacity.

Benefits: The Climakers boosts farmer-driven solutions to climate change, collecting best practices on the ground, and catalysing the needs and expectations of the farmers worldwide within the context of a changing climate.

Geographies: TBC

Suitable for: Businesses and civil society.   

How to join: Global or regional Farmers’ Organizations, associations, industry bodies or multilateral institutions that are interested in joining The Climakers can reach out to the team here. Once the general terms of the involvement in the initiative are agreed, an MOU will be arranged and undersigned by the parties.


Contact Name / Email: Arianna Giuliodori /  or