Nurul Alam

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | July 25, 2023

Born in Bangladesh, Md. Nurul Alam is the Resilient Infrastructure Specialist for the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) in Bangkok, Thailand. He is also currently leading the Resilient Transport Sector of World Bank supported The “Climate Adaptation and Resilience (CARE) for South Asia project (component 2). He has developed expertise in resilient infrastructure for any vulnerable urban, semi-urban, and rural environments through his work on structural and climate risk assessment and mitigation projects throughout Central and South Asia, the Pacific, and North America.

He was a Project Manager for the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat’s Safe and Resilient Construction section before joining ADPC. He was working on projects including risk and vulnerability analysis that led to multi-hazard retrofitting for social and economic infrastructure. He previously worked as a senior structural engineer with ADPC on major projects like CDMP I and II, MRVAM, ERRP-UNDP-CHTDF, etc. Additionally, he directed the multiple hazard risk assessment study for the Canadian city of Kelowna while pursuing his academic and research career at the University of British Columbia. Nurul has degrees in civil engineering from the University of British Columbia in Canada (MASc) and the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BSc), respectively. In peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences, he has published a number of academic and technical works on climate resilience, seismic vulnerability, risk assessment, and mitigation.