CBN Expert community

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | June 30, 2021

With over 5 million tonnes of carbon under management  CBN Expert is a leading carbon accounting software platform that is committed to helping SMEs measure, track and report their carbon emissions.  Through its site, it gives businesses the tools and insight to become Net Zero through its unique 3 step Carbon Triple A programme which includes: Accounting, Accreditation, Advice.

The site also facilitates the joining of the Race to Zero initiative with over 200 of our members having taken the pledge and an annual report tracks their progress towards their target.

CBN Expert’s members are reporting reduction in business costs, increases in efficiencies and new business wins and opportunities as a result of joining the programme. They are also able to demonstrate to their customers, stakeholders and employees their commitment to becoming Net Zero. With vast experience in the sustainability industry the team at CBN Expert are supporting their members in their net zero journey through their software, consultancy support and training programmes.

As of November 2022, CBN Expert has 204 members in the Race to Zero.

To join Network Net Zero, contact or sign up to the pledge here: