Business Declares

By Charlotte Owen-Burge | July 2, 2021

Business Declares is a not-for-profit organisation formed by senior leaders with a vast range of experience from the SME, B Corp and FTSE100 sectors.

We believe that business has a major part to play in tackling the climate, ecological and social emergency and exist to raise awareness across the business sector of the imperative to accelerate action to address climate change, biodiversity loss and social injustice: the imperative to future proof every business by balancing profits with people and ethics, to live within planetary boundaries.

We galvanise the voice from the business community advocating for regulatory change, to build a resounding voice from business to propel a greater political will for urgent action. Convening dialogues, acting as an agitator and critical business friend, to explore the difficult challenges which we know will take collective effort to solve.

We welcome all businesses, big and small, whether willing to start the climate journey or wanting to use their work to inspire others and add to our collective business call for change.

We recognise the complexity of making an authentic climate transition and support those overwhelmed by the challenge, sharing our open source resources and encouraging collaboration across our network to help overcome any hurdles to action. Membershipis free, there should be no barriers to any business starting the journey.

Working closely with other climate initiatives ensures our work is additive, maximises reach and effects real change, this includes our official partnership with the UN COP26 Race to Zero Campaign and a supporter of the Tech Nation Net Zero Programme.