Race to Zero: Monthly roundup

By Climate Champions | March 6, 2023

To date, 52 regions, 1122 cities, 7552 companies, 1114 educational institutions, 555 financial institutions, over 3,000 hospitals from 63 healthcare institutions and 24 “other” institutions are in the Race to Zero. The campaign is propelled by Partners and 22 Accelerators, supported by an Expert Peer Review Group consisting of ~15x experts across multiple fields.

The Race to Zero in February was sad to say goodbye to Fiona Macklin, the Campaign’s Manager and coordinator for the past two years. Fi has contributed an immense amount of energy, engagement and thought leadership to the Race to Zero. Among many activities, Fi convened the Pivot Point report, led the Race to Zero criteria consultations (involving 200+ experts) and onboarded/ engaged our 25 Partners into the Race. We wish Fi all the best with her new role at AstraZeneca (a member of the Race to Zero!).

While we are sad to see Fi move on, Race to Zero is thrilled to have onboarded Jane Eisenhardt (as a secondee from the Environmental Defense Fund) to the team in an engagement capacity. We are also in the process of onboarding a new Campaign Lead and an Expert Peer Review Group Manager who will bring additional rigour and expertise to the team behind this impactful global campaign.

Beyond an evolving team, Race to Zero has been keeping busy this month on a number of fronts, including:

  1. Translating our material to the six UN languages. We are grateful for the support from the Net Zero Tracker team / Oxford students who assisted with this process.
  2. Putting a call out for Race to Zero case studies across nature, policy engagement and implementation of net zero. We invite case study submissions from Race to Zero members on how they are demonstrating leadership across: nature, policy activation, and implementation of net zero.
  3. Running Expert Peer Review Group & Partner workshops on how our Race to Zero updated criteria will be incorporated by Partners into their member frameworks by June of this year. It was useful to have these discussions to highlight the challenging but important space we now operate in – moving from momentum-building, to implementation.

In March, Race to Zero is hosting forums on the 5th P – Persuade – to engage our campaign members and Partners on how to align their policy and engagement with net zero goals. We’re thrilled to be running these sessions across the core actor-types of the Race to Zero: Business, Finance and Cities & Regions. This month, we’ll also be having a spotlight on our 2nd P – ‘Plan’, with the UK Transition Plan Taskforce joining our monthly Partner call and sharing insights on what is an effective transition plan.

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