Race to Zero: March Bulletin

By Race to Zero | March 30, 2023

In March, Race to Zero is proud to have launched its ‘Data Explorer‘. The Data Explorer, developed by Climate Arc, and supported by CDP data, shows the progress of the largest 500 Race to Zero member companies by revenue. It is a critical first step to enhancing transparency on net zero commitments. You can read more about the Data Explorer here, and we encourage you to promote and share this tool with your networks.

Earlier this month, we had a productive meeting with Race to Zero’s Partners on transition plans. We heard from the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Team a request to non-state actor leaders to publish transition plans this year with credible and ambitious targets for 2025 and 2030. We also heard from the UK Transition Plan Taskforce about their work to the gold standard for private sector transition plans. Race to Zero’s second P (‘Plan’) requires published transition plans, and the team is supporting the call from the UN Secretary General by asking its Partners to submit ‘best in class’ examples of transition plans from their members. You can get in touch with Tessa Vincent to contribute more.

At the beginning of this month, Race to Zero hosted its first Forum on the 5th P (Persuade) for a business audience. At the Forum, we heard from We Mean Business, Influence Map, and We Don’t Have Time about their work to align policy and engagement with net zero goals. We then heard from members of the Race itself around their activities on net zero-aligned policy, including membership in trade associations, employee engagement, participation in advocacy campaigns and much more.

At the close of the month, we ran a similar Forum with Race to Zero’s Cities & Regions Partners. We have extended our timeframe for case study submissions by one week and encourage Partners and their members to put forward stories on how you are activating net zero-aligned policy in your networks. See here.

Partner & Accelerator action

Personal carbon footprint platform, Giki joined the Race to Zero as an Accelerator in recognition of its commitment and alignment with the campaign’s criteria. Giki is committed to accelerating sustainable behaviours to help achieve Race to Zero goals through knowledge-building and upskilling events.

SME Climate Hub launched its reporting framework, which will allow for year-over-year comparison of climate progress, keeping businesses accountable with transparent emissions reduction data for stakeholders, consumers and employees.Bankers for Net Zero identified a set of actionable recommendations in its latest report to minimise the risk to the sustainability of UK food production and drive real progress in transitioning agriculture to net zero see more here .

Using InfluenceMap’s world-leading database for tracking and assessing corporate climate policy engagement, and extensive interactions with corporations and investors on the issue, a recent article proposes five steps that companies can take to shift to true leadership in climate policy advocacy.

Coming up next

On the horizon, we look forward to hosting our final 5th P (Persuade) Forum with the Race to Zero Finance community on 18 April. We also look forward in April to shaping up our Race to Zero Day as part of London Climate Action Week, which will take place on 26 June 2023.

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