Do you have an impactful net zero leadership story to share?

In 2024, we aim to ‘Race’ to Zero by spotlighting the leadership of Race to Zero Partners and members in implementing credible, net-zero action and catalysing change. We invite you to nominate non-state actors who are demonstrating leadership in implementing the 5Ps. In 2024, our leadership focus is on systems transformation (contributing to the 2030 breakthroughs), efforts on transition planning and emissions reduction.

Nominated leaders will be invited to take part in communications’ activations, including: 

A) A leadership interview with our ‘Story-telling Lead’; 

B) Elevation of that story to social media and to media partners;

C) Potential invitation to events, particularly COP29; and

D) Invitation to contribute to a Race to Zero leadership video ahead of COP29.

Please use this form to nominate interviewees, including their contact information and a brief rationale for why we should interview them.

We suggest each Partner nominates representatives from the most impactful 5% of their membership. However regional diversity will be taken into account for short-listing.

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