Nature for Water Facility: Helping improve water security, support climate resilience and protect biodiversity

By Climate Champions | November 14, 2022

Around the world, there are many examples of successful watershed investment programs that are proving the multiple benefits of nature-based solutions (NbS) to improve water security, support climate resilience and protect biodiversity.

The challenge is that these programs are complicated to develop, require specific expertise to execute and can take a long time to get off the ground. If we are to scale the application of nature-based solutions for water security around the world at the pace that is required, we need to move a lot quicker than we historically have. And we need to reduce the barriers to entry to ensure more stakeholders can participate.

The Nature for Water Facility is a purpose-built program from The Nature Conservancy and sustainable infrastructure consultancy Pegasys designed to deliver best-in-class technical assistance to those developing watershed investment programs. The Facility is a vehicle for providing a suite of technical assistance services across pre-feasibility, feasibility, design and execution for watershed investment programs. Through sponsored engagements, fee-for-service projects and knowledge management offerings, The Facility is helping local champions execute these complex programs and will help facilitate the scaling of NbS that we need to see.

The initiative aims to support 40–60 place-based engagements over a four-year period, while simultaneously open-sourcing tools and learnings to mainstream nature-based solutions within the broader water sector.

“The question became, ‘How do we transition from piloting individual watershed NbS programs to an efficient support model that works hand-in-hand with local champions seeking to create their own programs?’ Following two years of ideation, we launched the Nature for Water Facility as a tailored technical assistance solution for developing watershed investment programs. We aim to partner with 40-60 programs over the next four years to drive water security via nature-based solutions around the globe.” – Justus Raepple, Director, Nature for Water Facility.

 2030 targets

  • Lands: 275,000 ha improved management​
  • Waters: 8,000 ha lakes/ wetlands & 4,000km rivers with improved management​
  • Climate: 400,000 tons CO2e per yr sequestered & 1.9mm people improved adaptation​
  • People: 26,000 with improved economic opportunity

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