Launch of final stage of 2022 Race to Zero Criteria Consultation process

By Climate Champions | April 21, 2022

Written feedback process launches for final part of the 2022 Race to Zero Criteria Consultation process

Deadline: Friday May 20.

The first section of the Criteria Consultation Process is now complete, and over 150 independent experts, acting in their individual capacity, came together over the course of eight weeks between February and April to discuss eight key topics to strengthen and consolidate the Race to Zero Criteria.

The High-Level Climate Champions, the UNFCCC and the Expert Peer Review Group would like to ensure that the criteria consultation process be as transparent and as public as possible, welcoming a wide array of expert feedback. Therefore, now that the Working Group meetings have concluded, the Climate Champions welcome written feedback from individuals who were not able to contribute to the working group.

This written feedback process is designed to build on the hard work, discussions and suggestions of the working groups, rather than start from scratch.

There is an opportunity to contribute to two different feedback forms:

  • General feedback form: For those of you who wish to provide overarching comments on the Race to Zero criteria and their operationalisation
  • Technical feedback form: For those of you who wish to dive into the nitty gritty, technical details of each topic.

Alternatively, please feel free to email a word document or email responding to these questions, if preferred, to

The questions for the technical feedback form have been written to complement the working group discussions. Respondents are asked to kindly refer to the working group discussion summaries and their responses to the template questions before answering the written feedback questions. You can find the summaries of these working group suggestions below:


  1. Net zero finance and disclosure of climate-related risks: Recommendation on Starting Line Criteria; Recommendation on Operationalisation; Recommendations on Leadership Practice.
  2. Nature, land use & deforestation
  3. Offsetting, Carbon removals and responsible communication of claims
  4. Fair share, Equity & Justice 
  5. Fossil Fuel transition & non-CO2 gases
  6. Policy, Advocacy & Engagement
  7. Transition Plans & Immediate Action 
  8. Scope 3, boundaries & historical emissions

We really value your participation in this next phase of the process. Your comments and reflections will help strengthen and clarify the Race to Zero starting line criteria, leadership principles, interpretation guide and lexicon and thus drive forwards the frontier of best practice in this space.

Please note that we accept submissions in any UN language.

With any questions, please reach out to Campaign Manager Fiona Macklin <>

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