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Campaign Overview The Race to Resilience is the UN-backed global campaign to catalyse a step-change in global ambition for climate resilience, putting people and nature first in pursuit of a resilient world where we don’t just survive climate shocks and stresses, but thrive in spite of them.

Led by the High-Level Climate Champions for Climate Action, the Race to Resilience aims:

By 2030, to catalyse action by non-state actors that builds the resilience of 4 billion people from vulnerable groups and communities to climate risks

Through a partnership of initiatives, focus on helping the most vulnerable, frontline communities to build resilience and adapt to the physical impacts of climate change, such as extreme heat, drought, flooding and sea-level rise, in three area types:

Urban: Cities, industrial communities and informal settlements become healthy, safe and thriving spaces that support resilient livelihoods and allow for green recovery post COVID-19.

Rural: Smallholder farmers, rural entrepreneurs, and industries across food and agricultural supply chains are adaptive and are equipped to thrive in the face of climate change whilst protecting nature.

Coastal: Safeguard coastal and riverine cities, communities and businesses through increased investment in adaptation and resilience and protection of natural ecosystems that support those livelihoods and economies.

The Race to Resilience has 28 Partners, representing over 2,000 organisations, delivering action in over 100 countries.

Meet the Partners here.

Apply to Join the Race
  • Join as a Partner

    Throughout 2021, the High-Level Champions have engaged coalitions and initiatives that are prepared to meet Race to Resilience’s ‘eligibility criteria’. Our approved Partner Initiatives act as the secretariats through which individual members can join and thus will facilitate the speed at which members can join the Race to Resilience.

    To enter the Campaign, Partners first have to Apply. For that, they will have to submit an Expression of Interest – EoI- (pdf format for reference, online form to fill) stating their goals and forms of organisation and governance. The purpose of the EoI is, on the one hand, to explain why the initiative is a good candidate to be part of R2R; and, on the other, to commit to take up R2R’s membership rules and criteria. This includes pledging to engage actively with the campaign across all its phases, as described below. Each application will be reviewed by three experts of the Expert Review Group (ERG) based on the eligibility criteria.

    An EoI round is a four-month process, divided into two periods: the collection of EoI applications (2 months) and the review and decision-making by the ERG (2 months). There is an overlap over time; the review and decision-making period (the third and fourth months) will be a period of collection of EoI applications for the next round (the first and second months). This means that initiatives can apply at any time but the moment they are reviewed will change depending on when they apply.

  • Join as a Member

    Individual organizations are invited to join the Race via a relevant Partner initiative. Our Meet the Partners page provides an overview of each partner including the type of resilience work they undertake, which non-state actors they engage, which countries they work in, and the requirements to join. We encourage individual organisations to assess their most material climate risks and select a partner initiative that will both fit their own strategies and will contribute in a meaningful way to protecting vulnerable people around the world.

Why join?

Your climate adaptation commitments and action efforts will be recognized as credible and science-based, supported by the UN

You will join a community of members spanning regions and sectors, with whom to share knowledge, tools and solutions

You will have access to powerful communications material and play a part in the run up to and at UN and other climate related events.

You will actively play a role in delivering the resilience we all rely on.

Understand the Criteria The High-level Climate Champions require that the commitments brought forward by partners and their members recognized in the Race to Resilience campaign meet a minimum set of procedural criteria.

These process criteria represent the “Starting Line” for the race, so meeting them does not necessarily imply that an actor is on track to deliver their resilience targets, only that they have begun the process. These criteria are known as the Four ‘P’s:

PLEDGE: Pledge at the head-of-organization level to contribute to supporting 4 billion people from vulnerable groups and communities be more resilient in the face of increased physical risks associated with climate change, by 2030.

PLAN: Within one year of joining the Race, use the best knowledge and scientific evidence to develop and share a clear plan to take action towards this commitment with interim targets and milestones.

PROCEED: Take immediate action toward achieving the commitment in support of the Race to Resilience, consistent with delivering the targets specified.

PUBLISH: Commit to publicly report progress against interim and long-term targets at least annually, starting at COP26, in line with the Race to Resilience metrics framework. Members will help Partners to gather data required to report on the Race to Resilience outcomes.



The Race to Resilience has three advisory bodies:

Technical Secretariat (TS)

Expert Review Group (ERG)

Methodological Advisory Group (MAG)

Technical Secretariat – Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR)2

The Technical Secretariat is an academic body, part of the R2R Executive Team, which provides technical support to the High-Level Champions acting as Secretariat to the Expert Review Group (ERG) and the Methodological Advisory Group (MAG). Moreover, the Technical Secretariat is in charge of the R2R Metrics Framework and its improvements, and of collating, collecting and interpreting the inputs from R2R partner initiatives following that Framework.

The Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR)2 is a world-class interdisciplinary research center of excellence focused on improving the understanding of the earth system and helping building resilience in Chile and Latin America. This includes research on climate change, how to reach the goals of achieving low-carbon, adaptation, sustainable development consistent with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (CR)2 was created in 2013 with funding from the Priority Areas Program (FONDAP) of the National Research and Development Agency (ANID).

To view the members, please click here.

Our Partners

Race to Resilience partners are at the heart of the campaign. Together, they are driving a step-change in global ambition and action on resilience — mobilizing businesses, financial institutions, cities, regions, states and civil society organisations to come together and help achieve our goal of making 4 billion people more resilient to the impacts of climate change by 2030.

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