Future Forward: The Future of Farming

By The Climate Pledge | April 4, 2023

Unprecedented heavy rains (a consequence of extreme weather caused by climate change) can take inches off of topsoil in minutes, destroying a farmer’s harvest, threatening their livelihood and impacting the quality of their soil for generations to come. Also impacted are the companies that rely on these farmers to source local ingredients for their products. Unilever is tackling this complex challenge head-on by partnering with Practical Farmers of Iowa to protect and improve soil through regenerative farming practices. But can they convince often risk-averse farmers across the state and beyond? Directed by Laura Checkoway.


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Future proofing food for people and planet at the second UN Food Systems Summit

The scorching heat currently engulfing Rome serves as a stark backdrop to our discussions here at the second UN Food Systems Summit. Held within these ancient city walls, this conference is a timely reminder that our actions today will shape the future of our planet and generations yet to come. The science is clear – we need to transform our food system, urgently, to deliver for people and the planet.