Invitation to the 2022 Criteria Consultation Opening Session

By Climate Champions | January 17, 2022

The High-level Climate Champions, supported by the Expert Peer Review Group, commit to annually review the Race to Zero’s minimum criteria, interpretation guide and lexicon in order to continue driving upward convergence towards best practice and to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon world, halving emissions within this decade.

The last update was completed in April 2021. The next consultation process begins on January 24, 16:00 – 17:00 GMT, and you are warmly invited to this opening session to learn more about the process and how to get involved.

Please register here to attend. 

This year, the Criteria Consultation process will consist of four parts.

1. Opening Session – January 24

A public session, opened by UN High-level Climate Champion Nigel Topping, to outline the process and call for contributions, with time for Q&A.

2. Working Group discussions January – March

Working groups with relevant and diverse expertise will discuss specific topics relating to the criteria. These working groups will meet regularly over the period of seven weeks in order to draft suggestions for strengthening or clarifying the criteria.

3. Closing SessionMarch

This closing session will outline the findings and draft suggestions of the working groups and will launch the written feedback process.

4. Written feedback – March – April

A public, written feedback process will call for responses to comment on the existing criteria, as well as on the draft suggestions provided by the working groups.

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If you have any queries please contact Race to Zero Campaign Coordinator Fiona Macklin (


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